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Jesse Katsopolis: [Playing a video game] Waterfall. Go up! Go up!

Rebecca 'Becky' Donaldson Katsopolis: It's a kayak. It doesn't go up!

Jesse Katsopolis: It's enchanted for crying out loud!

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: You're not going.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: What are you talking about?

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: I'm sorry, I can't let you go.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Gia, tell the guys to hang. I'll be right out.

Gia Mahan: I thought you said your sister was cool.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: She USED to be.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Forget it. There's no way you can make me stay.

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: I can tell Dad.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Okay, that's one way... I can't believe you'd squeal on me.

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: I can't believe you'd put me in this position.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: What about all those times you snuck in after curfew and I never said a word?

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: That's different. This is dangerous.

Gia Mahan: You coming or what?

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Yeah, I'm coming.

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: No, you're not.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: You're bluffing.

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: I'm telling.

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: I'm going.

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: Dad!

Daniel 'Danny' Tanner: Yeah, Deej?

Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: Gia, better go without me.

Donna Jo 'D.J.' Margaret Tanner: Never mind!

Gia Mahan: Sorry, Steph.


Stephanie 'Steph' Judith Tanner: [Angrily slams the door] I hope you're happy! From now on, STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!

Kimmy: [to Barry and Jason] Hey, you guys are the losers who drilled a peep hole in the girls' locker room!

Jason: Yeah, and you're the reason we plugged it up!

Kimmy: The peep hole works both ways, Zit Butt!

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