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James Lawrence26 October 2006
Lieutenant Gerard and the State Police are closing in on Kimble, who just barely gets away. Kimble stumbles into Drover City, Montana, where the town is celebrating a Vigilante Roundup. During the Roundup, anyone in town not wearing western clothes, including a western hat, is considered an "outlaw" subject to "arrest" by townspeople who compete for prizes for the most arrests. Kimble gets arrested by Hank the deputy, played by actor Bruce Dern, and is housed with the other outlaws in the high school gym.

Gerard gets to Drover City and meets up with Sheriff Judd, played by actor Earl Holliman (who played on Police Woman). Judd is lazy, greedy, selfish, inattentive to duty, and occasionally shows sympathy for the accused; in other words, he is everything Lieutenant Gerard is not. Naturally, Gerard and Judd come into conflict.

Kimble must exploit the differences between Gerard and Judd, as well as Judd's girlfriend, in order to win his freedom.
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Once more, Girard ALMOST catches up to Kimble...
MartinHafer24 April 2017
This episode finds Richard Kimble (David Janssen) in Montana*...with Girard (Barry Morse) close behind. Early on in the show, Kimble gets arrested...but it's NOT what you are thinking. Some sort of western themed carnival is taking place in this small town and anyone NOT dressed in western duds is 'arrested'. It's all in fun but Kimble can't let himself be detained for a moment, as he knows Girdard is on his trail and he needs to keep moving. Ironically, the deputy (Bruce Dern) caught him and has no idea he's really a wanted man...nor does the Sheriff (Earl Holliman). However, when the Sheriff does, he decides NOT to help Girard. After all, he figures, there must be a reward out for Kimble and if he helps Girard, he'll only get half. So, he hides Kimble and asks his lady friend to help...though she isn't immune to the charms of the fugitive.

This is a decent but not particularly great episode of the series. As usual, Kimble's sweet manner wins over folks...but there isn't much to distinguish this episode one way or the other.

*This looks little like Montana to me--at least the parts of Montana I've seen. But at least it's not like the time Kimble was on the Virginia coast and you see mountains! As usual, it was filmed in California and has a definite rural California look to the scenery.
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12/14/65 "The Good Guys and the Bad Guys"
schappe116 September 2015
It seems to have been a common thing in the old days to set TV episodes in an "Old West" tourist trap where they have one-day 'laws' about how you dress or behave so as to fit in with the theme of a festival based on the Old West. Perry Mason has "The Case of the Bare-Faced Witness" (3/18/61) and Burke's Law has "Who Killed Mr. Cartwheel?" (10/21/64). All involve a pseudo law-enforcement situation being at odds with an actual investigation. In this case, both Richard Kimble and Lt. Gerard get 'arrested' for not wearing western garb. . This happens at different times and Kimble is able to hide from Gerard. Earl Holliman plays the town's sheriff, who decides there must be a reward for Kimble and wants to collect it himself rather than letting Gerard get it. It's a cute episode but not otherwise memorable.
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