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James Lawrence24 March 2009
Kimble, under the name Chris Benson, works for George Savano (actor Edward Binns), who owns a successful auto parts distributorship in New Jersey. Kimble's immediate supervisor is Jesse Stransel (actor Joseph Campanella), who at the outset of the show suffers a vicious beating, causing police to snoop around, to Kimble's discomfort.

Kimble discovers that there are many secrets and mysteries involving George, Jesse, Jesse's wife and son, and George's attractive sister Stella (actress Diana Hyland), and that George wants to keep the lid on these secrets.

Stella makes moves on Kimble. George threatens him to get him to stay away, but she will not stay away from Kimble. Kimble comes to learn that she is delusional. (Hyland played a similar delusional woman in the episode When The Bough Breaks).

An angry George confronts Kimble, and tells his secretary that in one hour, she should call the police and inform them that Chris Benson has stolen some radios, and is believed to be wanted elsewhere by the police. Kimble wants to flee, but Stella complicates matters.
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11/30/65 "Set Fire to a Straw Man"
schappe127 August 2015
This series follows up a great episode with a very good one. Kimble is working for a trucking company run by Edward Binns, who warns him to stay away from his sister, (Diana Hyland) and Kimble's otherwise friendly co-worker, (Joe Campanella), tells him the same thing. Hyland turns out to be not only amorous but crazy and she won't let Kimble alone. Also, she has a strange relationship with Campanella's son, (Clint Howard), whom she plies with gifts, placed below a straw-filed scarecrow, which he calls "The Strawman".

Diana Hyland seemed to have a line in obsessed females. She was the woman who was on the lam with the child who was not hers in "When the Bough breaks" from Season 2.
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The first of two episodes in a row about mentally imbalanced people.
MartinHafer18 April 2017
In this episode, Richard Kimble works for a trucking company. Unfortunately for him and others there, the owner's sister is a mess. At first, you just think she's into thrills and excitement but later you realize that she is seriously imbalanced. The problem is that her brother doesn't even come close to understanding the degree to which she's lost her mind and she has a strange fixation on a little boy (Clint Howard) which results in her kidnapping him! Can they get to the child on time and will he be alright?

This episode is enjoyable but also strange and a bit confusing. It's clearly a rather weak installment but is worth seeing.
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