"Friends" The One with the Prom Video (TV Episode 1996) Poster


Joey: Some girl ate Monica!

Monica: Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds.

Chandler: Ah, so how many cameras are actually on you?

Phoebe: [Pulls out Monica's old bathing suit] Hey, Monica, what's this?

Monica: Oh, that's my old bathing suit from high school. I was bigger then.

Chandler: Really? I thought that's what they used to cover Connecticut when it rained.

Phoebe: He's her lobster!

Joey Tribbiani: [On Ross in the video] Lookin' good, Mr. Kotter.

Phoebe: Oh! What is that shiny thing?

Ross: [Quickly picks up Chandlers bracelet from the floor]

Chandler: It's a...

[goes to take it away from Ross but Ross pushes his hand away]

Chandler: ...Yeah it's a little flashy...

Ross: No no... no no... it's not flashy. Not for a Goodfella.

Monica: [after watching the video] I can't believe you did that.

Ross: Yeah, well...

[Rachel walks to Ross and kisses him]

[Ross took a message from a guy to Rachel]

Ross: Hey, who's this uh, this Casey?

Phoebe: Oh, some guy she met at the movies.

Ross: Oh really? What uh, what does he want with her?

Chandler: Well, I'm guessing he wants to do a little dance... you know, make a little love... well pretty much get down tonight.

Ross: Hold my board

[trips up stairs]

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