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"Friends" The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel (1996)

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The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

Author: Lady Targaryen from Brazil
13 May 2008

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Phoebe tries to help Joey in getting an audition that she forgot to tell him about. After she had success in pretending to be his agent (and Joey got the job) he asks Phoebe to help him with the other auditions. (Phoebe is much more talented then Estelle!)

Ross starts to get worried when he sees Ben playing with a girl's doll. He tries to substitute the Barbie for other boy's toys. Monica reveals in public that Ross dressed like a woman when he was a child, and Carol & Susan has one of the best times of their life at that moment.

Chandler is afraid to have a serious commitment with Janice, but the Friends give him support to go ahead with her.

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The One Where Phoebe Pretends To Be Joey's Agent...

Author: Taylor Kingston from Australia
26 February 2015

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I love this episode. I think it's so funny and I enjoy so much. I have watched it many, many times and every time, I laugh exactly the way I did, the first time I watched it.

In this episode, Chandler makes a mistake with his girlfriend, Janice. He doesn't want to see her, because he's afraid of the commitment he knows she wants. So then he does the opposite of what he should do. Instead of saying to her that he likes where things are and he's not ready to move any faster, he practically stalks her, says that he's ready and then pushes her too far. She says she'll call him, but will she? Meanwhile, Phoebe forgot to give Joey an important message about his audition. She calls who ever called her in the first place and tries to convince her to give Joey another audition. She is successful, posing as Joey's agent. But then Joey keeps asking for her help and she gives him bad feedback, things the people actually said, because his last agent sugar coated everything. In the end, she didn't want to do the job anymore, so she read a list of things that's wrong, and he thought she was just trying to get out of it. Which in fact she was, but they were real things. Sorry if that's complicated.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.

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Another brilliant performance by Matthew Perry

Author: LadyAmina from Nigeria
1 January 2015

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Chandler is my favorite character in FRIENDS but he can be a bit annoying and childish sometimes. First he tells Joey he's happy with Janice next he acts all weird and neurotic and afraid of commitment. But Matthew Perry gave a great performance as neurotic Chandler. Phoebe was funny acting as Joey's agent; I wish she kept on being so. The Barbie doll sub plot was exasperating. Ben is still a toddler hence a toy is any toy to him, even if it's a Barbie doll. Ross has no business making Ben switch from Barbie to G.I Joe- I think he read too much in the little boy's preference; implying it was because he was being raised by a lesbian couple. Speaking of which, I'm not against same sex couples but since her introduction in Season 1, I hate Susan. At least in Season 1 episode THE ONE WITH THE CANDY HEARTS, the kiss Ross exchanged with Carol showed Carol still loved Ross (albeit in a different way), was sorry he was sad and alone on Valentine's day and assured him he will find someone eventually. Susan is Ms 'I slept with your wife and she's mine now, deal with it'. If she were a man, I would still not like her because basically she's a home-wrecker and I don't like how she treats Ross. Monica exposing Ross as a hypocrite by revealing his childhood fondness of dressing in ladies' clothes was hilarious.

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The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

Author: ComedyFan2010 from Canada
25 June 2011

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We get to see Chandler overcoming his fear of commitment and by this totally freak out Janice. I liked the scene of them meeting in the grocery store and Chandler trying to pretend like he is going to a party.

The story of Ross being all worried about Ben playing with a Barbie and trying to give him a GI Joe to play with is pretty good as well. Especially I like it at the end when Monica says that he used to wear women clothes as a kid and they remember the song that he used to sing then.

The story of Phoebe being Joey's agent is amusing as well

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Another So So Episode

Author: slightlymad22 from United Kingdom
17 December 2014

These type of story lines are the worst ones "Friends" do as Monica and Rachel attempt to talk Chandler through his issues with Janice, saying cliché things like "If a woman did, what you did, a guy would be sleeping with someone else by now!!" Plot In A Paragraph: Chandler struggles to show his commitment to Janice and he ends up scaring her off when he goes to far. Meanwhile Ross is upset that Ben is playing with a Barbie doll and Joey asks Phoebe for some help with getting an audition when he fails to get a message in time.

Normally a storyline with Matthew Perry taking centre stage, but this episode misses the mark.

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A Below Average Friends Ep.

Author: Alferd Jeffers from United States
3 March 2013

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While still funny. This episode has to overcome some of the things that I find most annoying in a Friends episode. First, the primary storyline, Chandler's ill guided efforts to confess his feelings to Janice, is run through with the whole "see, that's what a guy would do" and "a woman would never do such and such". I find the times Friends go for these jokes a bit annoying.

Secondly, the episodes' other story, Ross' worry about Ben's playing with dolls, has to get over the groan inducing presence of Susan and Carol. God bless this show for having a committed lesbian couple but I just don't find the interactions between and Ross and them to be very funny. Fortunately, they're gone fairly quickly and the rest of the storyline is funny. The end credits, with a young Ross and Monica are well done.

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