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Ross is not working....
Jessica Carvalho25 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ross still lives with Chandler and Joey, but he is bored because he is not working. Joey decides to teach Ross how to give prank calls to Chandler, while Ross tries to give Joey support to write his own movie script. Joey,however, loses a lot of time playing ' fireball' with Chandler, what makes Ross stays mad, since he should be working in something that can change his life instead of playing silly games.

Phoebe wants to make something nice in Christimas and decides to help to collect donations, but she gets a lot of complaints because of her ' street Phoebe personality'.

Danny and Rachel decide to go on a date again (what makes her very happy!), but Rachel stays uncomfortable with Danny's relationship with his sister, that is very inconvenient and unappropriated for siblings. Rachel decides to show the Friends why she is annoyed with their behavior when they are together and all the Friends disapprove Danny's relationship with his sister as well.
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The One with the Inappropriate Sister
ComedyFan201013 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The story with the sister shows once again how prude and close minded they all are. Sure the part at the end where they are taking a bath together is a bit too much, but all the things before were nothing special. I seriously feel my grandma has less old fashioned views than them. No wonder the Street Phoebe wouldn't be friends with them

And the story about Phoebe was just hilarious.First all the people being jerks and how it made her mad. This made it all look so much fun! All those signs at the bucket, how she was all mean to the people including the old lady, I would like to see more of that Phoebe, she is wonderful
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found a blooper
Liz Anderson28 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There is a scene in this episode where Chandler is walking from his room to the kitchen. The camera moves from that corner and widens to the rest of the apartment and finally into the kitchen. This is when Joey says that he has finished what he was supposed to write for his script according to Ross's schedule for Joey. In this short period of time, there is a split second where you can see what looks like a boom microphone peeking into the frame on the left side of the shot. I was surprised to see this and I just had to share. Maybe others have noticed it too? Anyway, just thought I'd share this little blooper, especially since I didn't see it at all in the goof section.
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