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The one Ross is frightened with the Holiday Cards!
Jessica Carvalho16 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Rachel is in her 4 month of pregnancy and also horny because of her hormones. Phoebe tells Rachel that this is normal and that she was horny all the time when she was in this month of pregnancy.

Ross and Mona get developed the pictures they took together in the Rockfeller center, and Mona give Ross the idea to send to their friends a Christmas card together. Ross stays frightened with the idea, since he thinks Holiday Cards are for married people. Ross tries to tell Mona what he thinks about the subject, but to avoid to talk about their relationship, he decides to accept to send the cards with her.

Doug invites Monica and Chandler to go out and celebrate his divorce and their wedding. Monica doesn't like Doug and doesn't want to go out with him, so Chandler, to avoid a bad situation with his boss, tells that he and Monica are separated. Doug tells Chandler that he needs to move on, and brings him to a lot of strip clubs.
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A below average series 8 episode
studioAT28 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The standard of the 8th series of 'Friends' is very high, but it is not without the odd dud episode, and this one sadly is one of them.

Ross is just very annoying here. David Schwimmer does his utmost to make it work, but the character is just being silly, and the audience start to question why Mona is so keen to be with him in the first place.

The Monica/Chandler story line is a case of same old/same old, with Chandler again almost living in fear of his wife.

Matt Le Blanc must have been filming something else at the same time as this episode, because he is barely in it. His scenes do set up the direction the series will take regarding his relationship with Rachel, and that actually is the most interesting thing in the episode.
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The One with Ross's Step Forward
ComedyFan20103 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Another episode that could have been much better than it ended up being

The idea of Rachel being horny was pretty funny. Actually this one ended up being the best. It was not a bad idea how Phoebe wanted to hook her up with some middle aged virgin she didn't know. And it also makes the first steps to the Rachel/Joey story

The story with Ross and Mona was not that great. Not a bad idea but it wasn't good enough. Their conversation didn't make me laugh much either. The only good thing is David Schwimmer's acting

And the Chandler and Monica story is irritating. She is just being selfish as usual and he has to suffer for it. And at the end she even dares to say that he smells bad while he says that his life with her is so great. Give me a break! If you were with someone else you wouldn't have to be in that situation!
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