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Rachel is fired from Ralph Lauren!
Jessica Carvalho14 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Rachel is going to have a meeting with Gucci officer in a restaurant, but her boss from Ralph Lauren is very close to her table, what makes her not only have her interview ruined, but also lost her job in Ralph Lauren.

Ross has great news to tell the friends: He is up for tenure. When he comes to celebrate and open champagne with the Friends, Rachel starts to cry and tells Ross that she was fired.

Monica admits to Phoebe that she never changed her last name to Bing. Phoebe is thinking about using Mike's last name, Flannigan. However,When she is in the Register Office,she discovers that she can change her whole name and changes her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

Chandler and Monica ask Joey to go see their new house, since he is the only Friend who refused to go there. Joey accepts the invitation, but he tries to make Monica and Chandler give up the House pointing a lot of problems that doesn't really exist.
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I hope you like fungus
studioAT21 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It was lovely that this episode saw Phoebe and Mike have a story to themselves, now as a married couple. Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudd have such sweet chemistry and I enjoyed this story.

With the show now winding down towards its ultimate conclusion it was no surprise that the Ross/Rachel relationship began to whirl into life again, with a change in Rachel's employment also being a sign of where we are going.

It was nice to see Joey wanting things to stay the same, what with all the changes that have been going on for the gang of late.

A nice episode of a show that's clearly winding down.
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Rachel fired from her job
Warning: Spoilers
Rachel goes to a restaurant to a new job interview, where also meets his boss. His boss, besides ruining her interview, she also fired from her current job.

Ross wants to celebrate the news with their friends, but through its holding Rachel begins to mourn and tells Ross that was fired from her job (I loved that scene).

Phoebe planned to use the last name of Mike, but when will changed the name, seeing it can be any name she choose be the "Princess Consuela Bananahammock".

Monica tells Phoebe that she never changed her name to "Bing".

Monica and Chandler take Joey to see which is their new home, and Joey said that there are many problems in their new home
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The One with Princess Consuela
ComedyFan201015 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I love how Phoebe changed her name! This is so her! Such a crazy and fun name as well. And Mike did a good job at convincing her to change it again. I would also like to add that it was awesome to see Craig Robinson as the clerk. He is now having a part in The Office and I think that he is great

The story with Rachel's interview and how she ended up being fired because of it was pretty good as well. And what came out of it was even better. So good to see Mark helping her with getting a job again. And Ross didn't recognize him, that was awesome! And it got better when Rachel tells him that it is Mark. We see him all acting jealous again, like Chandler said "It is seven years ago!". It really gives one a sweet nostalgic feeling, which is good so close to the ending of the show

The story with the house wasn't so good. And there was Dakota Fanning. People keep on saying she is a great child actor, well I never saw her in anything but this and I must say she was very bad
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