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The One with Phoebe's Uterus
ComedyFan201025 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is anther one of the brilliant episodes. Pretty much everything in it is absolutely great done

The main story is one of the best. It is very original and fun how Phoebe agrees to carry her brother's child and promises a lot of great stories connected to it in the future. Finally Phoebe got such a story. She is a character with a lot of potential. She is very sweet, fun, clever, original, outgoing and not held down by social rules. So when they come up with such an outrageous idea it is meant to be a winner

Monica and Rachel teaching Chandler how to be great at sex is an awesome story too. I wish I could see Monica's drawing, maybe I could learn something,lol

Ross's and Joey story was also great. The part where everyone takes off the coat and says something about himself almost makes me cry from laughing
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I like Phoebe
smpl2417 October 2006
First of all, I don't really agree with the girl who left the previous comment! Well, yeah, the character of Phoebe can be annoying, rude, even sometimes stupid; but she happens to be the integral part of the show exactly because of that! She amuses the audience with her behaviour - that's her job! In one episode Rachel says that she thinks Phoebe would probably be the first to leave the group, and she's right! Phoebe isn't normal, and they are all aware of it, but why wouldn't they want to be her friend? I think that in the first season she said something like this: "There are tree things you should know about me: my friends are the most important thing in my life, I never lie, and I make the best '...' cookies in the world!" Becides, she is funny, and interesting, and even though she can sometimes be annoying and rude and stupid, I love her, and I also love Lisa Kudrow who did the part perfectly... And about the episode, I thought it was fairly good...
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I really hate the character of Pheobe
buffyforever1226 September 2006
I am a huge fan of friends, but I hate the character of Pheobe. Not a single one of the other characters on the show in real life would be friends with that annoying, rude, badly dressed, hippie. She always puts people down and screws everything up. Like how she blurted out Monica had lunch with Richard in front of Chandler while on the plane to Vegas. When she blurts out Racheal is pregnant, when she harrases Ross while he's still secretly married to Rachal, and a million other instances. I seriously hated Pheobe on the show. Any episode or storyline that centers on Pheobe is a huge waste of time and airspace. No wonder why she never had a serious relationship before that equally annoying Mike guy because shes freaking annoying and weird. One of my favorite jokes in the show is in the Thanksgiving episode of season 9 when Christina Applegates character is introduced to Pheobe and she says something like "Well thats a funny noise", love it!
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These aren't real!
studioAT13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe had always been pretty flaky up to this point in the shows run, but the surrogacy story line which begins here goes a long way to developing her, and making her a little more real.

The Chandler and Monica story line has its moments, and Courtney Cox does well in it.

My favourite story line of the three though is the one featuring Ross and Joey, with quite possibly the best line coming from guest star Sherri Shepherd as Rhonda the tour guide.

A solid episode in my favourite series of 'Friends'.
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