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Perfect ending to a perfect show
liam-morrell120 August 2015
It deeply saddened me to witness the end of arguably the best sitcom ever made. However, I believe this final episode was the perfect way to say a final farewell to the characters we have loved since the first time we saw them.

I cherish every moment I have spent watching this magnificent show and will no doubt continue re-watching for as long as I can see. I can't imagine I shall be able to appreciate a television show ever again the way I appreciated Friends.

Goodbye to an incredible show and to my six best friends. You may be gone now but you will forever remain in my heart.
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The Last One: Part 2
ComedyFan201016 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderful ending of a wonderful show.

It is very sweet to see Joey with the birds. Very funny to see Joey walking around the apartment looking for them and Chandler and Monica walking in on them. "We were wondering why it takes you so long, but now we understand that you were doing THIS". Great! And then another sweet moment between Chandler and Joey when they need to say good bye to their table

Phoebe was awesome in this episode. Her being a crazy driver. The whole story with the filange that made the whole plane in panic, and also her yelling "Raaaaacheeeel!" and saving the situation!

And then after this it is almost hard to control tears. Ross being heartbroken because Rachel left, him listening to this message where she says that she loves him...This message is done greatly, especially towards the end when we realize that Rachel wanted back to him but we don't know if she made it and then we hear "I got of the plane" right behind Ross. What a great ending for their story And then the final scene where everyone puts their keys on the table. Very sad to see that!
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A joyful and friendly finale
studioAT8 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After 10 years the world waved goodbye to 'Friends' in this finale that actually does a brilliant job of wrapping up everything, and leaving us with a sense that the characters were going onto exciting new things.

Yes, it's the finale that fans wanted, and we know what's coming, but there are some twists in there to keep us guessing.

We get to see the brilliant comedy team of Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc in full swing and also some of the sharpest writing TV has seen.

It's credit to the writing team that they managed to meet all fans expectations with this episode, after so many sitcoms prior or since have made a mess of theirs.

It's 13 years later and we still miss our friends.
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The last episode and the end of a great series!
Jessica Carvalho21 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Monica and Chandler are in the hospital, waiting Erica give birth to their kid. But in the Hospital, they discover that Erica is pregnant with Twins, and they are going to be parents of a boy and a girl. They decide to name the boy Jack, in honor of Monica's father, and the girl Erica, in honor of their biological mother.

Phoebe tells Ross that he should run after Rachel, and they run to the airport with Phoebe's cab.

A lot of confusion is made, but in the end of this episode, Monica and Chandler move from New York and have twins, Rachel stays with Ross and the fuzzball table is broken to find Joey's little duck. (A present he was going to give to Monica and Chandler)

I was very sad when this episode ended. Friends were a great series!
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