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  • After calling Monica to verify their information, Ross and Phoebe race to the right airport. Afraid they are not going to make it in time to catch Rachel, who is actually on the plane, Phoebe calls Rachel, telling her there's something wrong with the plane's left phalange. The guy sitting next to Rachel freaks out and alarms the rest of the passengers, making everyone get off. This diversion is perfect for Ross, who catches Rachel just before she takes off again, also thanks to Phoebe's screaming, which makes Rachel turn around at the gates. Ross confesses his love for Rachel and how he wants to be with her, but it's too much for Rachel to take at the moment and she leaves him without a reply.Meanwhile, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr are stuck inside the foosball table, which Joey and Chandler don't want to break. Breaking it apart is a piece of cake for Monica, and she busts the table open. Joey and Chandler try to hide the awkward moment they have together as best friends, but they can't hold it and hug.Ross doesn't meet the others at Monica's apartment because he is too sad about how he left things with Rachel. He goes home and checks his messages, and finds a message from Rachel. She admits repeatedly she loves him too, and by saying it over and over she realizes she wants to get off the plane. The message is cut in the middle of an argument between Rachel and an air-stewardess. Ross tries to hear the rest of the message, asking himself whether or not she got off the plane. The door opens and he hears Rachel saying that she got off the plane. He turns and finds Rachel at the door. They kiss, and both state how this is going to be it, and Ross rectifies with unless they are on a break. Despite this, they get back together. At the apartment, which is completely empty now, the guys cherish their last moments together. It's too much for the friends to handle, and they all look tearful. Monica and Chandler have some time before they go to their new house, and the friends decide to go for a last cup of coffee. Chandler tries to break off the tension by asking where, this being the last line of the show. They walk out of Monica's apartment, it shows a little of the apartment, then ends on the door.

  • Ross and Phoebe race to the other airport, afraid they are not going to make it in time to catch Rachel. Phoebe calls Rachel, and tells her there is something wrong with the "left phalange" which creeps out the rest of the passengers so everyone gets off. Ross and Phoebe get to the correct airport but Rachel has just boarded again. Phoebe screams as loud as she can, and Rachel comes back out. Ross tells Rachel he loves her, but she gets on the plane anyway. Meanwhile, Chick Jr and Duck Jr are stuck inside the foosball table, and Monica volunteers to break the table. When Ross gets back to his apartment, he finds a message that Rachel had left him. She says that she is trying to get off the plane. Ross listening to this, does not know that Rachel is standing beyond him and they finally get back together. Monica and Chandler pack the final things in their apartment, and leave their keys, along with the rest of the gang who produce keys. Monica & Chandler, their twins, Joey, Phoebe , Rachel & Ross all go downstairs to have one more cup of coffee in Central Perk.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Rachel is leaving for her job in Paris. Monica and Chandler are packing up the apartment.

    - Written by Anonymous


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