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Extremely emotional.

Author: Roger_Sterling from Addison, Illinois, United States
9 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is by far the most emotional episode of the fresh prince of bel-air, and one of the most emotional of any sitcom I've ever seen. When Will's father Lou suddenly returns 14 years after he left him, he leaves just as quickly. This causes Will to realize the closest thing he's ever had to a father is Uncle Phil.

The acting is astounding, and the ending nothing short of heartbreaking. Will Smith stands out as the best actor in this episode. Few jokes are told in this episode, and it does indeed pay of in the end when Will and Uncle Phil embrace after Lou leaves Will. Will realizes he doesn't want or need Lou in his life. A truly special episode.

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One of the Fresh Prince's finest

Author: schultzclan6 from United States
29 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Will- meet your father. His name is Lou. He is a poor truck driver who has made his way to Bel-Air to "see his son" and spend some time with him. He will make you love him and then abandon you forever.

This is exactly what this episode is about.

This is one of the few Fresh Prince episoded that tries very few jokes. It uses more of an emotional build-up. Throughout the episode, Will spends lots of time with his father, who is being pulled away from Uncle Phil by Lou. It even causes will to yell at Phil "Who cares what you think? You are NOT my father!" At the end, Will goes to leave with his father, but will says there is an extra trucker and cannot fit his son. He tells him sorry and goodbye. Will finally understads that this man is not his real father and says "Goodbye- Lou." And Lou once and for all leaves Will's life. Will first starts yelling that he "had 14 great yeas of his life. I learned how to fight without him, I learned how to play basketball, and I got pretty good at it, too. When I grow up, I'm gonna have me a whole bunch of kids and I'll be a better father than he ever was. Cause there ain't a d*** thing he can teach me how to raise my kids! TO H*** WITH HIM!" With that Will finally breaks down crying and says "How come he don't want me, man". And for once, Uncle Phil and will have a real touching moment.

Probably the best episode.

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Will Smith can act...

Author: soontobedeparted from United Kingdom
3 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of my favourite episodes of a great sit-com.

The episode does lack jokes, but it doesn't need them. The character of 'Will Smith' is fully exposed in this episode and it teaches the show's fans why Will desperately needed to go to Bel-Air. Uncle Phil has become the father figure, and by the conclusion of the 4th season, Will can easily be mistaken to be Phil's own son. Will just fits perfectly into the Banks family.

This episode over turns this, and we see that Will has conflicting emotions about who he really sees as the father-figure in his life. There is the shouting match between the Phil and Will and this in itself conveys that Will is leaving the Banks' home for the wrong reason. He hardly knows his father, and Phil makes the telling point that Lou couldn't even 'pick up the d*** phone' to contact his son.

What the episode really does though is prove Will Smith's ability as an actor. The final scene where Will firstly attempts to show Lou that he isn't bothered about Lou leaving is beautifully subtle, and then the emotions start to rise. When Will discusses how he 'doesn't need' his father, Smith builds up the tears, and perfectly holds them back until his final line. It's a great emotional scene for any sit-com, and the fans who are truly devoted to the show can only weep with Will. James Avery doesn't say much in this scene, Uncle Phil's input has been made in previous scenes. All Avery does is build up tears too, and look helplessly at Will, who only admits the frustrations and anger at his selfish father.

The episode is fantastic and puts the 'Fresh-Prince' in a different light. 'Will Smith' the character becomes three-dimensional, and the relationships between the characters are never more prominent than in this episode.

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"How come he don't want me, man?"

Author: phildogg21 from Australia
2 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The last words in this episode that Will utters will send chills down your spine.

There came a time in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air era where you will get that special episode that will guarantee a high level of emotions and prove Will Smith has the knack for being very serious (emotional) and not always providing the laughs. This was one of them.

Classic episode as we are introduced to Will's father Lou in the very first scene and immediately the awkwardness that shrouds these two. When I first caught this show when growing up when it was airing, I always wondered if they would develop an episode that would involve Will's father.

Earlier in the season in "Home Is Where The Heart Attack Is" after Carlton tells Will he doesn't want to see tubes up his father's nose, Will snarls at Carlton: "Everybody's father! Except mine, 'cause I don't know where the hell he is!" Another significant element in this episode is Uncle Phil's loving/caring nature towards his nephew - he treats Will like his own son (very evident as Phil even told him that during the show). The sad thing about this is the scene where Will screams at Uncle Phil that "You are not my father!" and storms out. Powerful, powerful stuff.

And of course, this episode is technically nothing without the last scene. If I had a countdown for Top 10 Fresh Prince emotional scenes or something, this would probably be #1.

Will's downfall at the very end is a defining moment not to be missed. He talks about he can live his life without his father and how he'll be a way better father than he ever was.

Thank God we have one of the greatest talented actors in Will Smith, as he proves to us yet again that the brother can act. His last line, asking Uncle Phil 'How come he don't want me, man?' (as he and Phil embrace) is a touching moment that will have you in tears. As they embrace, Phil shoves Will's hat onto the ground --

-- and the camera pans to that beautiful little statue that Will bought for his Daddy...

... a statue of a father hugging his son - a sign that Lou missed of being there for his son.

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Best episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (no exaggeration)

Author: jsn_hylnd from United States
6 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was and still is my favorite sitcom of all the live sitcoms that aired on television in the 90s because it brought that new spice and witty humor and I'm pointing this out because although Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse, which was the most emotional showing of the series, was my favorite episode, I do appreciate and treasure all other episodes that were just plain hilarious and also the other few tear-jerkers of the series were favorites as well.

*Spoilers* In this episode we first see Will working at his job at the college peacock where a mysterious man is watching Will's every move, this mysterious and nosy man turns out to be his long-lost father who had left him and his mother when he was five and is now back into his life seemingly wanting to get to know his son and to make up for lost times. Things go pretty smoothly even when his aunt and cousins get wind of this but his Uncle Phil had a big say in the matter who was very distrusting and wasn't as forgiving of Lou as the others because he knows he's not making up with Will for Will, but for himself and this causes a rift between Will and his uncle and it leads to Will shouting back at his strict but lovable uncle Phil for the first time in the series. Shortly after the heated argument Phil apologizes as things were said but assures he was only trying to save him from more hurt he knows Lou is capable of causing. Towards the climax of the episode, Lou has a big way to start off this father-son bonding as he plans to take Will on a business trip with him which would mean he would spend more time with him during the summer but Lou comes in at the last minute to call off the whole thing because his business was more important and to make things more heart-wrenching, he asks Phil to deliver the news so as to not have to face his son. Finally, Phil has had enough of Lou's selfishness and this leads to Phil hitting Lou with the hard truth about what a father should be and also says "I will not do your dirty work for you" and "Will is not a coat that you put in a closet and try it on when you're ready to wear it, his life goes on!" During the midst of this argument between Phil and Lou, Will comes in and catches his father just before he heads out the door, Lou delivers the news, and Will fights very hard the anger and hurt he is feeling at that moment combined with the hurt of Lou leaving in the past and it only shows when Will refuses to call him "dad" but instead refers to him as Lou. After Lou carelessly walks out, Will Smith gives the performance of a lifetime as he confides in his uncle Phil and first tries to play off the hurt he is feeling but the anger and hurt he is feeling in the current moment and also from the past finally catch up with him as he understandably expresses his feelings in anger as uncle Phil listens which then lead to sadness with Will ultimately breaking down in tears and uttering the words softly "how come he don't want me man" to which Phil responds by grabbing Wills head and he burying it into his shoulder which make for one of the most touching and beautiful scenes in the entire series.

This episode was so full of emotion and you just couldn't help but cry at the end for poor Will who's father had basically abandoned him all over again and then of course we had that big hug between him and his uncle Phil who had been his father figure for the past four years and it's in that moment when they hug that kind of lets us know he will be alright because Uncle Phil is basically his father as he has evidently straightened Will out, sent him to a nice school, jokes with him, spends time with him, laughs with him, and teaches him about life and it's hardships. The character of Uncle Phil was tremendous in this episode as well as he is the voice of reason and is the only one who shows great emotion and anger when he sees Lou again while everyone else was funny about it trying to kill the tension, this ep really shows that Phil cares deeply for his often-troublesome nephew who he considers another son. Great episode, well-written and every Fresh Prince fan should see it if you hadn't done so already.

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This Episode Was Profound From Beginning To End!

Author: leighabc123 from Portsmouth, Virginia
21 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Will's biological father pops up. When he takes Will to the fair, he sees how much fun the other little kids are having and feels sad about the fun he missed out with his father growing up. Then his dad wins a few toys shooting basketballs. He tells the little boy, "That's my dad." When Will's dad wants to take him away for the summer. Uncle Phil objects. For the first time in the history of the show, Will hollers at Uncle Phil and says, "Who cares what you think? You are not my father!!" Uncle Phil and Will apologizes later. Uncle Phil sarcastically says "I meant every word I said!" Then Will's father reneges on the deal and tries to leave before Will gets downstairs. Will was cool with his dad leaving until he was alone with Uncle Phil. Then he really goes off about his deadbeat dad and cries.

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