"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Love Hurts (TV Episode 1994) Poster


[on why he wants to learn Tae Kwan-Do]

William 'Will' Smith: I want to kick ass like Steven Seagal.

Mr. Yoshi: Oh, you want to be a bad actor?

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William 'Will' Smith: Hey, Uncle Phil. What's up, man, you busy?

Philip Banks: [eating] Yes I am.

William 'Will' Smith: Look, listen. Uncle Phil, I've been acting *real* dumb.

Philip Banks: Uh-huh.

William 'Will' Smith: Look, I know what you're thinking, "what's new", but usually I know why I be trippin', man. But this time I don't have no clue.

Philip Banks: This about you and Lisa?

William 'Will' Smith: [Will nods his head]

Philip Banks: Sit down. You know, ever since the dawn of civilization Man has tried to be the stronger of the species; the hunter, the protector. Have you taken any anthropology classes?

William 'Will' Smith: No, but I've seen the Flintstones like five times.

Philip Banks: Anyway, let me update this for you. Say a stranger asks you for directions, now you don't know where it is. But do you say that? No. You say "go down three blocks, make a left, you can't miss it".

William 'Will' Smith: Yeah, I got plenty of dudes out there still looking for places.

Philip Banks: Same guy asks a woman. now she doesn't know either, but she says "I don't know". That's the difference between Men and Women.

William 'Will' Smith: Hey, wait, Uncle Phil. What is it that makes men act like that?

Philip Banks: Uh, it's, uh... testosterone, the male hormone.

William 'Will' Smith: And women don't have testosterone?

Philip Banks: Well, I believe they do, but there's is, uh... dormant, most of the time. Excuse me.

William 'Will' Smith: Wait, Uncle Phil, hold on. You don't know the answers to none of these questions I'm asking you, do you?

Philip Banks: No, I guess I don't.

William 'Will' Smith: Then why didn't you just say so?

Philip Banks: Because I'm a man.

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