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Another excellent dramatic episode dealing with love
Juan Sarmiento20 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Another excellent dramatic episode dealing with love.

On one hand with have Sam and Cindy. It's purely superficial, Sam only likes her because she is hot. Everyone does. But the thing is, she is boring and shallow. She and Sam don't have the same interests, which is okay. but the necklace thing went too far, she is a stuck-up self-centered bitch. Neil really annoyed me in this episode, he as always only sees the superficial aspect. He'd make a great jock.

then we have Ken and Amy. They are a great couple, have the same humor and interests. They are perfect together. The problem here is that Amy was born as part girl/part guy. And that freaked out Ken, it would freak out most naive heterosexual men. It freaked him out so much because he kinda loved her, it almost made him think he was gay. Of course, back then, being gay meant being into disco.

One of the best scenes of this episode was the conversation between Ken and Sam in the bathroom. It made them both realize what had to be done, Ken going for it and Sam breaking up with Cindy.

There was more going on, but that is what made the episode so great.
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Freaks and Geeks, Episode 17 titled The Little Things...
filmchap10 February 2007
Before watching this brilliantly insane episode, go here ---


and read that website from top to bottom. Freaks and Geeks, this episode is a Judd Apatow reel! Mr Apatow is putting irony and wit into US comedy that's so sharp it could slice every blade of grass in your lawn by exactly half! Respect to the man whom a few years ago now, made it possible for The Larry Sanders Show to stay on the air. Larry was the Spinal Tap of television. I'm sure, as with anyone who caught this show, I don't need to say it was nothing short of genius. And in regard to the above website where Judd Apatow becomes 'Artie' and Mark Brazill becomes that 'corporate cock sucking network exec' who came from upstairs to regurgitate the same 'sickly crap' over and over until all you had on your hands was a smelly office and dud sitcom to clean up!

It's also worth noting that this episode in question of The Larry Sanders Show is the one when Artie lands 'one' on the networks hound face, literally. Knocking em for 6. Mark Brazill (among many others) fell uncomfortably in the late 90's and are all being nursed back to health by Domino's Pizza sponcerers, Walmart and KFC... But, the jokes on him. He would never get them to deliver to the place, far away, where is career currently is...on the Third Rock From the Sun!

Hollywood vs all the Jud Apatow's...

"Rip Torn is my Dad"
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