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One of my favorite episodes of the show
Juan Sarmiento6 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
One of my favorite episodes of the show, score.

The funniest bits of the episode were the baseball playing ones. The music and over-dramatic faces make them a delight to sit through. I also love the scenes of Harold and Jean. They are incredibly underrated characters and I just loved how they reacted to Lindsay's diary. and it led Harold to express himself a little more. Them having old-people sex was pretty funny, especially the reaction of Sam and Neil's faces. Neil will grow up to be a perv.

This episode also develops Linday's and Kim's relationship better. There are a few people who detest Kim, but I don't see why. Sure, she is an evil bitch but she has her reasons. It was cute to see her have hurt feelings and happy when Lindsay finally tried to win her back.

This was yet again another excellent episode. Five stars?
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The Diary (#1.10)
ComedyFan201019 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Lindsay's parents want to keep Lindsay from seeing Kim who is a bad influence as they believe and read Lindsay's diary. Where they mainly find her saying that their life is boring, Jean tries to change it. Kim is mad at Lindsay for not standing up for her. Bill tries to change the gym rules so he gets to play baseball.

The gym story was perfect! I loved Bill in it. His calls were hilarious. I also liked the conversation coach had with him. And coach Fredericks is a pretty cool guy actually. He helped geeks before and was not in the way of letting Bill have the game go his way this time. I also loved the game. It was hilarious and adorable. One can't help but love Bill.

The story about Lindsay was also good. I first didn't like her parents reading her diary but I liked how it ended up influencing them. And they didn't mind to see Kim after that! The thing between Kim and Lindsay was so realistic, I could totally get what Kim feels.
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And the Geeks shall inherit gym class
Mr-Fusion28 November 2017
Desperate to uncover what's going on in their daughter's life, the Weirs resort to pilfering Lindsay's diary. And it's mostly the acting here that makes this dramatic. But it's also one of those episodes in which the minor storyline is its best. As much as I love this show, I feel like it's around this point that things really deepen.

Bill's struggles with being accepted in phys ed are surprisingly relatable, and his breakdown in Coach Fredricks' office is easily the highlight. It reveals layers to Fredricks' character (gotta hand it to Tom Wilson )and really shows Bill as the heart of this show. His misery is a great source of humor and pathos, and it's why any given episode always brightens when he's around.

This is a great showcase for talent all around.

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