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A good Episode
lisp931 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very funny episode and is a good episode at the beginning of the series where the audience sees Lindsay trying to fit in with the "freaks" by throwing a party while her parents are away, Sam tries to talk her out of it but she persists in throwing it.I think it is the funniest of the early season episodes with many jokes you will find yourself laughing out loud throughout the episode Spoiler: Funniest parts are during the sober students skit when Harris as "Bob" tells Millie as "Mary" that he like her party then asks her if anyone has cocaine but then later decides that he can have coke anytime and would rather watch Millie open her presents. And then later in the episode when, during the party, Millie breaks into "Jesus is just alright with me" and Nick starts joining in
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Not as strong as the first one
Juan Sarmiento6 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The second episode was a nice step into the season. Perhaps not as strong as the first one, but you got the chance to get to know the characters a little better.

In this episode the Weirs went out and left Lindsay in charge of the house. Her newly found friends convinced her to have a party at her place and of course that bound to have a bad ending.

Lindsay only did it to impress Daniel, who she later finds with Kim making out on her bed.

In the meantime, the Geeks think of a brilliant plan of swapping the beer with fake beer. Neil, who has a huge crush on Lindsay tries to get her attention throughout the episode. She pretty much ignores him right until then end for helping her end the catastrophic party.

Overall, it was a nice second episode. Bill once again had the best lines. Though Millie's 'I like to get high on life' is a classic one.

THREE stars.
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"Should've hired a magician"
Mr-Fusion16 October 2017
If "Freaks and Geeks" is anything, it's coming-of-age; and 'Beers and Weirs' is the first real step in that direction. It's Lindsay's concerted effort to fit in by throwing a kegger while the folks are away - which spirals completely out of control in no time. But it's not the premise, it's the characters, and the interactions are pure gold (Seth Rogen, in particular). And Martin Starr firmly establishes Bill as the one-liner king. But Linda Cardellini is key to all of this as Lindsay comes face-to-face with a life that's all kinds of scary. It's funny, sad, and altogether well-written.

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