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"Frasier" The Unkindest Cut of All (1994)

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The Cranes are surprised when one of their neighbors accuses Eddie of impregnating her dog. Frasier contends that Eddie has been neutered, but when the neighbor presents Frasier with a litter of puppies, it is obvious he's been mistaken.

Frasier demands that Martin rectify the issue, while he attempts to take some of the puppies down to the radio station, hoping to sell some off.

Eventually, almost all the puppies are sold with the exception of one. Daphne has a hard time parting with the last one (whom she has named 'Basil'), claiming that the dog didn't want to be adopted by the last family Frasier had found. Frasier gets Daphne to reconsider 'her analysis,' and contact the family back.

Meanwhile, Frasier notes to Martin that he has cancelled Eddie's last several appointments. Martin gets upset at the accusation, and it becomes obvious to Frasier that his Dad does not want to subject Eddie to the procedure.

Frasier then takes Eddie down to the vet, but is soon found by Martin, who is upset that Frasier would do this behind his back. As they argue, Eddie runs out the vet's open door.

Martin and Frasier attempt to find Eddie, but their attempts have not returned him to them. Finally, Martin suggests they go to the park and look for him, and invite Niles. Eventually, Eddie does show up, and Martin and Frasier reconcile over their feelings on the matter.

In the end, all three men are seen taking Eddie to the vet.


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