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  • Having just aired his 2000th radio show, Frasier is shocked to find that he is missing the tape for one of them, June 14, 1996. Daphne admits to having accidentally wrecked the tape and Frasier puts out a call on air for any fan to provide him with a copy should they have it. He obsesses over it all but takes heart when a fan, Tom, calls in to say he has it. Turns out Tom is something of an obsessive himself, having quit his job so as not to miss the show. He also has an entire wall dedicated to Frazier Crane memorabilia.

  • Frasier has just completed his 2000th radio show, but discovers that one of the tapes of his collection of his broadcasts is missing. His quest to replace it borders on obsession, sending him spiraling into depression.


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  • Frasier records his 2000th show, with a special appearance by Bill Gates. However, the majority of callers wish to mainly talk to Bill, and not Frasier.

    After the show, Frasier takes a tape of the broadcast home, where he has an entire cabinet full of tapes, all the way back to the first show. However, upon examining them, he finds that one of them (dated June 14, 1996), has been placed upside-down, and has been replaced with a tape from the group 'Hall and Oates.'

    Daphne confesses that it was her doing. After her boom box started going on the fritz, she used one of Frasier's tapes to test it, only for the tape to be destroyed in the process.

    Frasier is upset, until Niles suggests that Frasier simply get a new recorded tape from the KACL station's archives.

    However, upon checking out the archives the next day, it is found that due to storage issues, there are only a handful of tapes of Frasier's broadcast.

    Frasier then puts out an on-the-air shout-out, requesting if anyone has a copy of the lost tape, to give him a call. However, the majority of the day's callers relay stories of things they've lost, and through some luck, certain items are found (though not Frasier's tape).

    Frasier tells Roz that this doesn't bother him, but he is unable to sleep or do anything constructive as the weekend wears on. This gets to the point where Niles attempts to find out why the missing tape is so important to Frasier. Frasier admits he's only listened to each one at least once, leaving Niles to believe that his brother has an obsessions...of which Frasier says it's more like an eccentricity, or a quirk.

    Luckily, the station gets a call, and forwards it to Frasier, claiming someone has called in, and has a copy of the missing show!

    Niles goes along with Frasier to the apartment of a man named Tom. Tom eagerly showers Frasier with praise, but as he and Niles look around the apartment, they find that Tom seems a little too much of a fan of Frasier. Frasier grows more worried, finding out that Tom has seemingly given up on the real world (he quit his job to have more time to listen and transcribe the show). However, Tom claims he's happy with where he is.

    Frasier and Niles finally take leave, but not before Tom attempts to give Frasier the tape he came for. Frasier claims he doesn't need it, and if he ever does, he knows where to find it.

    Returning home, Frasier tells the others about his meeting with Tom, and how it made him see that he's fine without having a perfect collection of all his shows.

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