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Frasier is surprised to see Sam Malone show up in Seattle, and invites him to dinner. Sam originally says he is there to try out for a position to coach the Mariners, but soon reveals to Frasier that he ran out on a woman whom he was going to marry. Frasier suggests that Sam apologize to his fiance, and take steps to go through with the marriage, claiming honesty is a good first step.

The next day, Sam flies his fiance Sheila to Seattle, and purchases honeymoon tickets to Hawaii. Frasier, Roz, and Niles meet Sam and Sheila at Cafe Nervosa, but after she leaves, Frasier confesses to Roz and Niles that he had slept with Sheila 3 months prior while attending a conference in Boston!

Frasier then goes to visit Sheila, who confesses to him that she's a sexual-compulsive, and that she had slept with several other men (though she doesn't name who).

Frasier is about to leave when Sam shows up. Telling Sheila that he wants their marriage to be one about honesty (as Frasier said) he feels they should confess if they've had any sexual relations outside of their own. Frasier attempts to leave, but Sam wants him to hear them out.

Sam confesses to sleeping with a woman 6 months prior, and Sheila then confesses she's slept with someone from Cheers. Frasier grows concerned, until she confesses she slept with Paul (note: Paul was a fat, bald guy with glasses who was often chastised by the normal gang). Frasier and Sam are forgiving of this...until Sheila then confesses she also slept with Cliff Claven! This is the final straw for Sam, and he calls the wedding off.

Frasier then drives Sam to the airport, with both of them still reeling from the fact that Sheila slept with Cliff.


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