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Frasier has finished his show, when Roz informs him of a woman who bypassed security, and is looking for Frasier. Frasier smiles at this turn of events, until he sees who it is: Diane Chambers!

Frasier quickly rushes over to see Niles, and the two hash out Frasier's feelings and emotions as to why he reacted as he did just now. It becomes apparent that Diane's previous treatment of Frasier by leaving him at the altar all those years ago has caused him to still be bitter towards her.

Frasier then decides on a way to make himself feel superior to what Diane did to him. He invites Diane to have dinner with his family at his apartment, and adorns the apartment with all his accolades and awards. As the family eats dinner, Diane explains that she is in town to supervise a production of a play she has written. However, after describing what she has been doing with her life, she breaks down in tears, causing Frasier to take pity on her. Diane explains that her life is in shambles, and feeling sorry for her, Frasier promises to help her with her production in any way she can. Naturally, Niles sees this as a bad sign, but Frasier refuses to listen.

Diane invites Frasier to the dress rehearsal of the production, only to be shocked when the production's characters and settings seem to be pulled right out of their previous time at the bar Cheers...complete with actors portraying Frasier and Diane. Frasier endures as much as he can, before the character's fawning over Diane's stage-counterpart causes him to lose his temper and storm out.

Later on that evening, Diane and Frasier reconcile their differences, and leave each other on good terms.


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