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While at Cafe Nervosa, Frasier finds his briefcase stolen right from under his nose. On his radio show, Frasier makes notice in regards to the theft of his briefcase, and is surprised when a caller calls in, claiming to have found it, along with the spare keys to his car.

Frasier agrees to meet the man at Cafe Nervosa, where he also happens across Niles. Niles explains that it seems suspicious that the man who found Frasier's briefcase and the spare keys to his car would agree to meet him. Frasier attempts to put Niles' questioning to rest, when he notices that his car is being stolen!

Later on that night, Martin and Niles chide Frasier for having such faith in humanity, but Frasier is adamant that he believes people are ultimately good. Sometime afterward, Frasier receives a phonecall from a model, claiming that she will be unable to meet Frasier at a restaurant that night. Realizing that the thief is using his name as well, Frasier gets the restaurant's location, and goes to meet the thief.

When he gets there, the thief attempts to run, but Frasier manages to corner him. The thief then sits down, claiming that he is simply lazy and sooner or later, he knew he would be caught. He has Frasier call in the Police to arrest him, but when they arrive, Frasier realizes that he has no identification on himself, as the thief has his wallet and other information. As he is led away, Frasier's demeanor crumbles, and he shouts out to trust no one.
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