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"Frasier" Cheerful Goodbyes (2002)

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Frasier finishes up his radio show for the day talking to a young caller, who feels that his problems are insurmountable. However, Frasier tells the caller a story about a young man with a bed-wetting problem (who also shared a bunk-bed with Frasier), and how he got through those years to become a well-respected psychiatrist.

Frasier then leaves the next day for Boston to give a speech, along with Niles, Daphne, and Martin. Niles had been pegged to introduce Frasier, but has grown upset that Frasier has seemingly 'outed' him on his radio program telling of his childhood humiliation.

As the group pass through the airport, Frasier is surprised to run into his old friend from Cheers, Cliff Claven! Cliff mistakenly thinks Frasier is in Boston to attend his retirement party, and not wanting to hurt his feelings, Frasier complies that it is most definitely their reason for being there. Though Frasier assumes that the party will be at Cheers, Cliff informs him that the owner Sam (Malone) has rented the bar out for a Red Sox party, and the festivities will be held at another location.

The Cranes show up, and run into several other members of the old Cheers gang, such as Norm Peterson (who becomes fast friends with Martin), Carla Tortelli-LeBec, and Paul Krapence (who still doesn't get any respect from the regulars of Cheers). Carla is actually excited, because after the retirement party, Cliff is planning to move to Florida. Niles is at first bored by the party, but when several of Frasier's friends share with him some of his stupid things he's done in the past, he changes his mind.

Eventually, everyone holds a toast to Cliff. After the toast, Cliff confides to Frasier that he feels that noone there really cares about him. Frasier then has Cliff go for a little walk, and confides to the others that Cliff feels under-appreciated, and that maybe if they pretended to like him, it would help his mood.

When Cliff returns, everyone takes Frasier's advice, praising Cliff. However, this soon makes Cliff feel appreciated, and he decides not to move to Florida, making Carla furious.

It is here that the Cranes decide to leave, with Niles telling Frasier that he is more than willing to provide the introduction for Frasier's speech the next day (most likely Niles plans to use some of the stories regarding Frasier's past to get back at him for the bed-wetting story).


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