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What everyone has been waiting for.
rudedude-128 December 2007
This is the episode of Frasier every Cheers fan has been waiting for. This is the one that brings back the Cheers gang. Ted Danson(Sam) Shelley Long(Diane) and Woody Harrelson(Woody) have all had their episode of Frasier and Bebe Neuwirth(Lillith) became a recurring character but the core gang had yet to appear. Well here they are Cheers mainstays Carla, Cliff, and Norm appear along with background characters like Paul and Phil. Even one of Cliff's postal buddies appears. For those concerned about the plot Frasier is in Boston to give a speech and brings his family along. At the airport he runs into Cliff who invites Frasier and his family to his retirement party.
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More sad than cheerful
studioAT17 August 2015
Frasier had always acknowledged the show it was spun off from but prided itself on standing alone. And for the first seven seasons of the show it didn't need to parachute former 'Cheers' cast members in too often because everything was going well. If anything 'Frasier' was a better show than 'Cheers' in the first seven years.

But come season 8 there was a real slump in the quality and the episodes weren't always the most consistent. For me while there was a marked improvement in the ninth season the show was still not back on form and that's why it almost feels that by bringing back the folks from 'Cheers' it feels like the show is breaking the glass because there's an emergency.

Overall, while it's nice to see the 'Cheers' gang, I think I prefer it when they don't pop by. Frasier had moved on, and so had we.
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