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Friends from his past, come alive again, through the death of a private secretary. "How did she disappear?" Natalie (Catherine Disher) ask Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies). He tells her, through an expert. Visiting the dead woman's assistant, a physic, is able to help them with some information, but Schanke (John Kapelos), mocks her abilities.

Knight knows that Stanton (Matt Cooke/Donald Davis), is her killer, convincing Schanke is his challenge. Refreshing his memory of the past, Nick Hammond, aka Nick Knight, investigates the death of Gordon Barrington realizes the Chief Inspector is not pursing the investigation of his killer. Katherine Barrington (Corinne Conley/Stephanie Morgenstern), heiress of her husband's estate, and employer of the secretary, is threatened to turn over her corporate votes that Stanton covets. The death of her husband is the beginning of pursuing her to obtain those vote.

To save her and to continue in safety to control those votes, Hammond/Knight sets her up with Aristotle (R.D. Reid), also from the vampire world, who is the expert of experts in disappearing those in need without a trace. Only they are mortals and he doesn't do mortals. Convincing him it is a matter-of-life and death, he insist to Knight that nothing of their current life may go with them, even the gift from her husband, her car. Nothing...Now he needs to see her and ask Aristotle to contact her. He absolutely refuses.

Stanton locates her first and yet Knight catches up with him through the physic's information, saving her life. She knows of Knight's secret even though she's amazed at his youthfulness. Visiting their past together, she doesn't miss her past, but she missed her car.


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