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"Forever Knight" Ashes to Ashes (1996)

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Diva (Kathryn Long) has returned leaving death on LaCroix's (Nigel Bennett) doorstep. She attacks Javier Vachon (Ben Bass) and he becomes crazed by her evilness. Vachon begs Tracy (Lisa Ryder) to kill him and in her refusal, he purposely reaches for her, stabbed by the stake he gave her.

The Egyptian grave robber was the dead man at "The Raven", Diva left her silhouette necklace and LaCroix remembers his visit to Re-Atum's tomb. Since she killed her master, which in the vampire world is the greatest sin, especially since he was an ancient and she wanted him as her new lover, LaCroix destroyed her.

During the Nightcrawler's/LaCroix's broadcast, Diva calls. Hearing her unknown voice, Knight wonders who and what she is to LaCroix. Urs (Kristin Lehman) goes to visit Knight and in the elevator, Diva kills her. Her ultimate power, her age, even as a child, and her evil as pure as can be, is a form of new breed of vampire. One who can control, kill her own kind.

Knight visits LaCroix who tells him of his daughter. The first sympathy that Knight has felt for LaCroix in many years, he shows as he leaves him. Touching his shoulder, "If you need me..." Literally touched, LaCroix thanks him. Shortly, Diva follows and attacks Knight. Leaving him dead, she goes to LaCroix.

"Your son is dead, tell me how that feels," she taunts. Kicking, attacking and bent on destroying him, she doesn't realize when the stake driven through her back stops her from taking LaCroix's life, ending hers.

"They say there is no greater suffering for a parent to outlive his child," meditates LaCroix. "I'll stay here with Diva until her body has turned to ashes and commit them to the wind... I might even say a prayer."


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