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A Ghost from the Past
gordonl566 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
FOLLOW THE SUN – Ghost Story – 1962

This is episode 19 from the 1961-62 series, FOLLOW THE SUN. The series, which ran for 30 episodes, follows a trio of free-lance magazine writers. The three are played by Barry Coe, Gary Lockwood and Brett Halsey. The gimmick here is that they are based in Honolulu. Also with recurring roles are Gigi Perreau as their secretary and Jay Lanin as their contact with the Police. Of course the three newsmen are always getting involved with the usual assortment of nasty types.

Newsman Barry Coe comes back to his room after a night out on the town. (Honolulu) He finds someone has broken into his place. He also finds a tape recorder ready to play. A voice offers to give him a big story. The voice tells Coe that he is a dead man and that he died 10 years before. Coe is asked to look in on the family of Martha Scott. Coe will be contacted later if he is interested in the whole story.

Not sure what to make of the break in and the recording, Coe calls his friend, Police detective, Jay Lanin. Lanin has the fingerprint boys go over the place. Coe decides to look into the story and hunts up Martha Scott. Scott turns out to be an Air Force widow trying to raise three kids. The oldest, Steve Harris, is always in trouble with the Police etc.

Interviewing Miss Scott he hears of a mysterious benefactor who pays off her and the kid's bills. It has been happening for years. Scott has no idea who the person is. Coe digs deeper into Scott's history and finds that her husband had been killed in Korea on a bombing raid.

Without actually giving away the end for a change, suffice it to say that there are several nice twists and turns involved.

Gene Evans guest stars as the mysterious ghost of the episode's title.

Not bad.
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