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Sandy's Undersea Tour
wes-connors26 September 2007
Coral Key is still being threatened with closure, as Congresswoman Helen Browning (Margaret Hayes) remains unconvinced it's worth the tax money needed to keep the park running. Old "Hap" Gorman (Andy Devine), who had written the Congresswoman, shows her around town; he hopes she will change her mind about closing the park, and turning Flipper over to scientific experimenters. Although is goes against Ricks (Brian Kelly)'s orders, Sandy (Luke Halpin) takes the woman on an undersea tour of the park, where he and Flipper save her from shark attack. While Sandy takes Ms. Browning scuba diving, Bud (Tommy Norden) loses control of their boat, explaining, "The wind just blew me away!" It's an approaching hurricane. Bud and Flipper must rescue Sandy and Browning… and, Ricks and Hap must rescue them all… before the hurricane hits!

Thus concludes a "two part" story. Mr. Devine's "Hap" proves himself up to the task, actually showing some of the courage frequently mentioned in his "tall tales". Barbara Feldon, prominent in "part one", is seen only briefly, this time. Sandy's undersea tour is nice, and the decision to disobey his father due to his love of the park worked out well, in the end.

***** Lady and the Dolphin, pt 2 (12/12/64) Ricou Browning ~ Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden, Andy Devine
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Part 2
Michelle Palmer31 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is the second part of the story. Hap is trying to make things right with the Ricks by giving the Congresswoman an opportunity. When Po is gone, he talks Sandy and Bud into taking the Congresswoman diving. Sandy knows his father's strict rules but chooses to disobey anyhow. His disobedience almost gets them all killed.

Sandy's underwater viewing was pretty cool. I always love seeing what's going on under the sea and wonder what it would be like to live in a place like that - where diving under the ocean is a regular, everyday thing...

Though it's no surprise that all turns out well in the end, it's still nice to see that a governing official is a bit human after all and can see the good in the park. Everyone is safe and sound once again...

...Until next time.
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