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"First Wave" Marker 262 (1998)

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Cade and Eddie travel to Missouri to investigate the disappearance of hot rodder Jason Coleman during a drag race. He enlists the aid of Jason's brother Danny, who is a physics genius. Danny gives Cade a collection of old newspaper articles that show there have been a number of disappearances in the area dating back to the '60s, and Eddie traces the disappearances to mile marker 262. Obtaining a chip off the mile marker, Eddie discovers it emits a kind of EMP similar to the one in the Bermuda Triangle. He theorizes that the marker, if driven past at high speed, will open a one-way gate to a pocket dimension -- and obvious Gua trap. But who is monitoring the experiment? And, once Cade and the hot rodder's brother accidentally drive through the gateway, how will they get back out?
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