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go to another island
stones7817 February 2014
While this episode might have showed some promise early on, it falls flat when Mr. Rourke finally reveals that his fantasy from 4 years ago was to fall in love with the same woman who's once again back on the island, to fulfill the same fantasy as him. The woman, Helena, is played by a bland Samantha Eggar, and they plan to marry(ugh!), and Tattoo thinks he'll get kicked out of the house if they get married, even though she assures him that won't be the case. Thankfully for the show's sake, they don't get married, and the reason why they can't is actually pretty good, but that doesn't save the show from itself and the silly premise. The other segment wasn't much better, as Red Butons(Tony)wants to be a very strong man who wishes to be like John Wayne, Charles Bronson, and Clint Eastwood(wow, how original), and he gets his chance when a local group of people are forced to give up their pearls to some miserable gang of hoods. You may or may not recognize or even care that France Nuyen also stars here. It's not worth going into details, but it was a rather weak and silly conclusion, and having Mr. Rourke fall in love was a bad start to begin with, and it only gets worse.
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