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Good episode, finally got wife to watch one with me and she okay-ed it.
Mike Holmes12 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is my Second Fantasy Island review, I checked off the Spoiler thing just in case, i doubt anyone here is going "let me go check IMDb to see if i think this episode is worth watching." More than likely you are like me and drinking beer and enjoying whatever happens. The Smother Brother being in an episode for King Arthur was nice, i remember them from Hollywood Squares and that cheesy movie "Speed ZOne" (crickets chirp on that movie but i liked it) The other story line was okay. here were my thoughts, as i watched finally with my wife and pretended i wasn't taking notes on my Iphones note thing. FOr the King Arthur being on Fantasy Island arc heres what caught my eye....Him being assaulted by New yorkers (probably Staten islanders but they will say they are New jerseyeans) on a dirt road in a nice car, his lack of nice decorative armor, the Bill and Tedness of the whole thing, the fact he looked 60ish and people died if they were lucky at age 35 of old age, he didn't spread or get disease from a different era. and this one ticked me off, Mr Roarke tells the smother brother to relax and he says it behind a hot blond chic who seems unaware. IF YOU ARE A CHIC ON FANTASY ISLAND AND ROARKE IS BEHIND YOU TALKING TO SSOME NUT JOB< THAT NUT JOB WILL FEEL THE NEED TO TAKE THE HINT AND ASK YOU OUT...oh and her name was Gwen, didn't see that coming that she was Gwenevere, and speaking of nut jobs, King Arthur Nights Ralph, the smother brother. thats great and pointless. A King who is in a future time, surprisingly unconcerned he is in a land of tropical vegetation and lack of fog, speaking of lack of, he lacked a British accent, also he knights some dumb ass that will fly home and tell people he was knighted by King Arthur. good luck with that ,

Onto the other story arc, a country singer (the exorcist chic) wants her dead boyfriend to play guitar for her one more time. This is what made me want to watch this episode cause i figured the twist would be he would be decaying and gross. I was drinking a lot of beer at the time and was surprised to see i was not only right but he was evil too cause he tried to drop a light on the producer below. Then you see the other guy later and he rips off his face to show he is actually the brother and it seems all Phantom of the Opera like and i tell the wife , "see even back then they were ripping off other stuff for story ideas". .. I noticed Mr Roarke seemed to be able to play the piano. it seemed like him and the hands were hairy, is , sorry rather was Ricardo Montebaooddsam able to play the piano in real life? Nice thing is when she did her country act , it was the start of after a commercial so i kept fast forwarding till i twas over.

And once again, the American Dad Fran voice lady was in the beginning and was assigned some huge job to do and you barely saw her, even less than tattoos appearances . what s the point of her?? were producers using her to threaten Tattoo that if he messes up she'll be right there to take his place (which from what i read she did , and then Mr Belevedere to finish the show) anyhow good episode, worth the watch.
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