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"High Off the Hog": Hadley Boggs is deeply grateful to his down-home Ozark family for making huge sacrifices to send him to MIT, and wants to do something for them in return: namely, make them rich for a weekend. Roarke obliges with little trepidation, till he finds that Tattoo planted a newspaper article touting them as uranium billionaires. His suspicions are confirmed when Hadley's father, Otis, and sister Emily start spending money like mad people, while mother Mona retreats into a dubious and increasingly unhappy silence. At a party being hosted at the Boggses' weekend mansion, Otis is targeted by a slick con man named Roger Fox, who's on the island with his daughter Kathi, looking for an easy mark. Sure enough, Otis falls willingly and happily, figuring it's all just a fantasy anyway and he might as well have his fun. Meanwhile, Hadley pursues Kathi, who is so guilt-stricken by her father's endless schemes that she tells Hadley the truth about Roger. Eventually, Otis' and Emily's spendthrift ways catch up with them and merchants and creditors are beginning to demand payment for things such as a round-the-world cruise, mink coats and lifetime country-club memberships -- and a Florida island, sold to Otis by one Roger Fox. While everything else can be returned, Roger can still bankrupt Otis because the latter signed a two-million-dollar promissory note for the island, and Roger can take the Boggs farm in lieu of payment. Worse, the "island" is no more than an alligator-infested chunk of mud in the middle of a swamp. Alarmed, Hadley cooks up a scheme in Fox's own design and outwits the con man with the help of Roarke and Tattoo by claiming gold was found on Fox's island. When Fox tries to buy his way out of his agreement with Otis, Roarke confiscates the rubber check as insurance against any future attempts by Fox to sell people bogus property. The Boggs family departs the island as poor as ever, maybe a bit wiser, and with Hadley and Kathi, as well as Emily and a servant she fell for, married. "Reprisal": Since she was orphaned at sixteen, Trudy Brown has had to endure her aunt Mabel's neglect and putdowns in favor of her own daughter, Trudy's cousin Janet. Just once, she wants to make things happen, rather than having them happen to her. Roarke imbues her with self-confidence by giving her telepathic powers and presenting her with her own image in a mirror that is said to reflect a person as he or she truly is in the soul. The mirror changes Trudy from a plain Jane into a pretty young woman, and she rushes off to check in as a contestant in the weekend's gymnastics competition. Of course, Janet is also a contestant, and Mabel is up to her usual ways, praising Janet at Trudy's expense and tearing away at Trudy's newfound confidence once more. Fed up with Janet's pampered coddling while she is belittled, Trudy uses her powers to sabotage the parallel bars where Janet is practicing. Roarke sees what happened and warns her again to use her powers wisely. Later, Janet and Mabel cook up a scheme to make Trudy break contestants' curfew; with the help of a high-school friend who is on the island to watch the competition, she manages to sneak in before her absence is discovered. About to practice the next day, she overhears Mabel talking to a male competitor who's interested in Janet, and finds out not only that Mabel was behind Trudy's being late, but also that Mabel treats her as she does because she blames Trudy's mother for the car wreck that orphaned Trudy and killed Mabel's beloved brother. Beside herself with sorrow and rage, Trudy again focuses on her cousin, this time setting fire to the mats she's practicing on. Once more Roarke catches her, and Trudy flees in tears. Roarke calls her to the main house and shows her her latest image in the mirror -- a bitter young hag with the appearance of a bag lady. Trudy is shamed into trying to drop out of the competition, but her high-school friend manages to talk her back into performing, and against long odds, Trudy wins. Mabel and Janet see the error and consequences of their ways, and Trudy gets what she really wants all along -- the love of the only family she has left.


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