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"The Mermaid Returns": Nyah, Princess of the Seven Seas, is back for her second visit to Fantasy Island. But instead of trying to lure some gullible man into the sea with her, she has a fantasy: she wants to discover what it's like to fall in love, as mortal humans do. So, with a touch of trepidation, Roarke grants her fantasy, beginning by turning Nyah herself into a mortal. Forced to get around by walking on legs instead of swimming with her much-prized tail, Nyah sets about learning of love in the headstrong, arrogant manner of spoiled royalty, creating tons of trouble and infuriating Roarke to the point where he actually spanks her. That's when Nyah realizes that she's fallen in love all right -- with Roarke! When she tells Tattoo, he objects, insisting that she isn't right for Roarke. A furious Nyah tricks Tattoo into taking a rowboat across the sea to find her someone else to focus her attentions on, and then creates a storm-tossed ocean to keep him from coming back ashore and getting in the way of her planned romance with Roarke. When she at last tells Roarke she loves him, he gently sets her straight, explaining that she has fallen for her teacher, like so many before her, and the love he feels for her is paternal rather than romantic. Nyah is shamed into confessing what she did to Tattoo, and Roarke is afraid that in the attempt to save his friend, both he and Tattoo may drown. But Nyah volunteers to show her love by rescuing Tattoo herself. Roarke turns her back into a mermaid to facilitate this, and Nyah realizes she's really learned something after all. "Flying Aces": Tony Chilton never knew his father, who was killed in the Pacific theatre during World War II. Now he wants to go back to March 1944 and meet him. So Roarke sends him back as a new recruit to David Chilton's company in New Zealand, and for a while Tony is thrilled at having the chance to get to know his father as he never could have otherwise. But then Roarke reminds him there's no way he can change history. Determined to prove him wrong somehow, Tony attempts to talk David out of flying out of base to lead a lost flyer back, only to have David adamant about going; and history plays out as it originally did. Though he would have liked to save his father, Tony realizes that he still had what many others never will -- a chance to really know the father he never met in life.


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