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Episode based on Preconceived notions of oneself.

Author: Mike Holmes from new jersey
26 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season 7's are running rampant lately on Cozi. here is one not about lost loves, still wussy but not as bad. In fact, awkward, the one is about Rape. Before i get in episode analysis, i'd like to mention things i noticed from the beginning. Mr Belvedere AKA Lawerence's head looks huge when hes in the car driving up. Rorke bares his arms and they are super hairy. i thought i was hairy. His has waves and curls, how does he always look so clean shaven? he must have had breaks every ten minutes for a shave.

So the much lamer, not about rape story was some dude that is a singer but he's a wiener. Im a wiener, i wouldn't try to sing or make a living off of it at the age of i m guessing 45-50 like this guy. I hate heights, you don't see me trying to be a roofer or Gutter cleaner. Funny thing about this episode, i just happened to notice the credits credited the dude that wrote this. bad move. So the guy is nervous , timid and an alter ego develops of what he wants to be. So he starts singing and the alter ego comes to life and starts singing. In fairness, the alter ego had music out of nowhere backing him up. Member that Simpsons where Homer is singing and the music stops and he 's just a crazy guy singing a doors song on the street? So this alter ego is a Magnum PI looking Virgilious Verm (virgil for short). Hes way cooler than lame-o Rob Smith. and he knows it. So he does Robs wife, and tells Rob he is done and taking over. But where is Rob to go. He goes home and catches them doing it, surprising Virgilious. he should know better. So its a stupid story, Rob gets confidence, confront Virgil and steps into him and they meld (good tip if you find your self in situation). The other story was kinda horrifying . Maggie Post from Night court was raped while newly wed and afraid to tell husband. I imagine this was a big episode in the day, ,like that 21 Jump St. that dealt with Aids ( i was thinking of that one today, "you should have drank the milk Johnny Depp" ). So shes married to this dude i was wondering if it was Gary Busey. Then she gets a call from ehr rapist and i think she did the loudest , most bone chilling scream ever on this show.So there was RIcardo and her husband to console her. It was there that Ricardo tells her husband the truth. It as also there i realized it was the non-Pancho guy from CHIPS as he sounded all cop like and said they need to report her rape. But she never saw the guy with a mask and just remembered his eyes. And Ricardo tells her to draw what she saw, in my mind i picture him saying "draw, draw, like you never drew before". I thought her drawing made it clear , based on the eyes , that it was Al From Happy Days. Could have been Belevedere. I remember thinking if anyone watched this show with me ,. i'd be like "its belvedere". So she is attacked, husband shows up, they knock out assailant and she grabs his knife, and wants to stab him, and Husband seems to be MIA and Roarke grabs her stabbing hand. Its over now. those funny Fantasy Island cops take him away. The ending of the show has some weird thing with Belevedere giving Rourke two really big dogs and they were scared away by a Benji dog. Did i miss something?

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