"Family Matters" Bugged (TV Episode 1995) Poster

(TV Series)



Harriette Winslow: Mr. Niedermeyer, the only thing that's gonna go by is you. Bye!

Nick Neidermeyer: Huh?

Harriette Winslow: Carl was nice enough to invite you into his game and you've been acting like a jackass.

Carl Otis Winslow: Now honey, it's really ok...

Harriette Winslow: No it's not ok, Carl. I kept quiet last week and I haven't say anything tonight. This poker game is important to you and I messed it up by inviting this windbag.

[Carl's poker buddies cheer her on]

Nick Neidermeyer: Do I have to remind you who you're talking to?

Harriette Winslow: No, you don't have to remind me of nothing. You may be my boss, but that does not give you the right to come into my home and be obnoxious to my husband and his friends. So go ahead, FIRE ME! But you'll never play in this game again.

Zoohair Bhutto: You go, girl.

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