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When Harriette finds contestants for the Miss Downtown Chicago Pageant, which a nervous Carl will be hosting with Emmanuel Lewis. Myrtle decides to cheat her way to win the pageant even if it means making Greta and the others look bad. She wants to win Eddie's love regardless of the consequences and Steve quickly cottons on to her plan. He helps free his girlfriend, Myra and the other contestants by freeing them from their imprisonment, back stage. As the angry contestants chases Myrtle around, he rightfully calls her out for being a manipulative, lying cheat. He tells the audience that Myrtle was using the pageant as a means to reaffirm her love for Eddie and will stop at nothing to get him, even if it's cheating. He reminds her that his friend will never ever love her the same way that he loves Greta. He tells her that it is extremely unacceptable and she knew the rules by hand. She chose to dismiss them and therefore, she loses by default. Myrtle is angry and embarrassed that Steve...

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