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Classic Family Guy - not enough Stewie, but still!
Jimmy Vespa1 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The cultured canine Brian's latest date turns out to be a disaster, and the fact that he has to explain how it all went wrong with a hastily improvised song during Lois's piano lesson only adds to his misery. He gets pulled over for drunk driving and is sentenced to community service, where he is assigned to the outreach to the elderly programme, visiting and cooking for an elderly recluse named Pearl who hasn't left the house in thirty years. They don't get along until Brian discovers that Pearl was once "the jingle queen" who attempted a serious music crossover, only to be booed off the stage at Carnegie Hall by an audience who wanted her to sing her old advertising tunes, rather than arias from Carmen.

This is a great episode, full of clever one-liners, quickies, throwaway comments and a superb production number from Brian, done in the style of the Genie's showstopper 'Friend Like Me' from Disney's ALADDIN, which not only has excellent lyrics ("Political correctness has raised the bar, a word like 'redneck' is a step too far, today you'd say 'country music star'...") but a tune that wouldn't shame a West End show, and if Seth MacFarlane is Brian's singing voice too, then he deserves sincere congratulations!
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Is this the greatest episode of "Family Guy" ever?
micro_hendy23 September 2008
With two stories, both worthy of being their own episodes, "Family Guy" dives into a more sophisticated brand of adult humour. Although not the funniest episode I can recall, it really shows other adult cartoons like the simpsons and "King of the Hill" that there's a new kid on the block, and he's good.

If there was an award for the most sentimental moment in television cartoon history, the end of this episode should, in my opinion, win hand's down. With a Primetime Emmy winning song, "You've Got A Lot To See," and acclaim from some tough critics it's apparent that, as television shows go, this is the best of the best.
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