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Not One of My Favorites
julianhwescott6 May 2015
I feel that this episode should have been a two-parter - the story idea was very good, however, there was very little character development created amongst the wonderful actors in this story. This particular episode had some really good performers - Linden Chiles, always one of my favorites - I felt that his character really needed to be more established; Peter Mark Richman - although we knew he was a bad guy, we really didn't get to know anything else about him - Diana Van der Vlis, always one of my favorites didn't really have anything to work with to bring out her talent and, actually the more unknown star, even though a good actor, Nico Minardos who played the character Elias - his character was the most developed, I thought! Not a bad story, but definitely needed some more work done on the script and to show character development! 5 stars out of 10!
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