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Samuel L. Jackson's quick visit
Jouni Heinonen25 October 2006
Samuel L. Jackson in this one! He's the biggest name guest starring in the Extra's first season, and he does his job well indeed. His part was filmed separately a month before rest of the episode, and it was filmed in just one day. It still works well there, even if he doesn't get as much screen time as the other guest stars in the shows.

Andy is having hard time with a fellow extra, who wants to get to know Andy. Maggie is desperately in love with a black actor, and in this episode she has a date with him. Maggie have to think what she says all the time. She's constantly afraid she'll say something racist. They move from a club to Maggie's house and everything goes well, until...
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Samuel L Jackson
Prismark1030 March 2017
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant certainly can do excruciating comedy and here they turn up the dial to 11.

Maggie fancies a black actor in the latest film that she and Andy are Extras in but every time she utters a word to him she ends up making an unintentional racial mishap. The funniest scene is where Andy does a test on her whether she is a racist or not and has to answer some questions. These include questions such as who is the Prime Minister of Britain and then who is the Prime Minister of Botswana plus similar types of questions.

Andy has problems of his own. Although he has bagged a speaking role in the movie opposite Samuel L Jackson but he seems to be pursued by Dullard (Steven Speirs) a middle aged lonely Welshman who just wants to have dinner with him. Andy just cannot shake him off and ends up going to a cosy restaurant with him.
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