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  • Again Andy and Maggie are both extras on the same production, this time it's a period drama starring "hard-man" British actor Ross Kemp, who likes to play up to his tough persona. Another tough-guy actor, Vinnie Jones, is filming something nearby. When Andy brags to his rival, Greg, who's an extra on Jones' set, that Kemp could beat up Jones, the rivalry switches hands from the extras to the actors.


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  • Extras Andy Millman and Maggie Jacobs (Ricky Gervais and Ashley Jensen) are on the set of a period piece starring British actor Ross Kemp. Andy is prominent in the background of a scene and is pleased, until he hears the director telling an assistant that they'll cut "that fat little extra gets his face in."

    Maggie is in wardrobe when the director comes in. He's not pleased with the look of her bosom and Maggie has to argue to make sure she's in the scene and not another woman.

    In the lunch line, Maggie is complaining about the bosom argument and Andy makes her laugh about it. They order from a desultory chef who pulls a dog hair out of Andy's lunch with his bare fingers.

    At lunch, Andy says he's getting discouraged after hearing things like "cut before the fat bloke shows up." He talks about Ross Kemp, the lead. Maggie says that Ross is much better looking.

    In between scenes, Andy's frenemy Gregory Lindsey-Jones (Shaun Pye) approaches and boasts about his large speaking part in a larger film next door, starring footballer-actor Vinnie Jones. They give each other a hard time, Greg lording his money and bigger role over Andy and Andy making fun of Greg's trust fund.

    Andy sits and notices he's near Ross Kemp. Ross begins a conversation with Andy boasting about his strength. He indicates that he is a secretly-trained soldier and acts very tough but comes off just rather strange.

    Maggie has been eyeing a tall, handsome extra, Mark (Raymond Coulthard). Her first attempt to talk to him, in the line for the restroom, fails.

    The extras as well as Greg are sitting around filling time. They talk about their jobs. Maggie says she works in a pub. Andy says he's a real actor, but Greg holds his feet to the fire and gets Andy to admit he really hasn't had any speaking parts yet.

    Andy is visiting his agent, Darren Lamb (Stephen Merchant), in Darren's office and complaining that Darren hasn't gotten him any work. Darren suggests to Andy that it might be time to throw in the towel. Shaun Williamson (playing himself) enters; Darren introduces him as Barry, the name of his former character on the show "East Enders." Shaun is another client of Darren's who has not acting work.

    Leaving the set, Andy is complaining to Maggie about Darren's incompetence. She says he should fire Darren, but Andy says he couldn't stand bear it. He says he's going to find his own work. Maggie suggests he talk to Ross Kemp, since he's already talked to him, and ask him for a line.

    Maggie tells Andy she's too intimidated to talk to the extra she's been eyeing, because he seems so smart. He reads "the big newspapers" and she feels too stupid. With Andy's encouragement, she approaches Mark the next time they're on set. He invites her for a coffee.

    In costume, Andy finds Ross Kemp outside the studio. They watch the studio where Vinnie Jones is filming. Ross starts talking about how much stronger and tougher he is than Vinnie. Andy asks him for a line in the movie, and Ross says he'll handle it.

    Maggie and Mark are talking and laughing over her unglamorous roles as an extra. He invites her for a meal later.

    Andy is waiting to be in a scene with Ross when Greg appears. He seems annoyed that Andy has a speaking part and they each boast about their own roles and the leading men in their respective movies. Andy says that Ross Kemp is much tougher than Vinnie Jones because of his specialist soldier training.

    Maggie is having a nice dinner with Mark. They're laughing and she seems quite happy. They come back to her apartment, and she invites him in for tea. They have a romantic time talking before having sex. Then he interrupts sex to insult her technique.

    On set, Ross Kemp runs over to Andy to ask him why he said that he (Ross) was tougher than Vinnie Jones, because Vinnie got wind of it and is now after Ross. Vinnie comes up to Ross and Ross caves. Andy realizes he's been faking his tough-guy persona. Ross is embarrassed and confesses to Andy he gets bullied on every production he's been on. And he can't get Andy a line as he has no power with the studio. Andy tries to make him feel better by complimenting his acting and the shiny medals of his costume.

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