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"Extras" Ben Stiller (2005)

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The extras, Maggie Jacobs (Ashley Jensen) and Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) are shooting an outdoor scene of a tragic war movie, with Ben Stiller directing. Andy's snooty frenemy Gregory Lindsey-Jones (Shaun Pye) is there as well.

Stiller calls the casts together and talks about the film, which is based on the life of Goran (Boris Boscovic), who lost his wife and son in warfare. Stiller displays false modesty about his success with comedies like "Dodgeball."

Goran recommends that the scene have more smoke, and requests that his Coke be colder. Andy remarks to Maggie how powerful you are when you're the screenwriter. Maggie eyes Goran, but Andy points out what it's a bad idea to date someone whose wife has murdered. She looks around for someone else.

Maggie reports to the production office to ask about her pay. She meets an attractive young man behind the desk and flirts with him. Jon (Steve Jackson) responds by smiling.

Andy approaches Goran's trailer and requests that Goran ask Stiller to give Andy a speaking part in the movie. Goran is looking over pictures of his deceased family. Goran starts to cry and Andy makes a hasty exit.

Maggie and Andy are sitting around in between scenes. Co-worker Jackie Greer (Liza Sadovy) approaches and invites them to her birthday drinks party. Maggie tries to make up an excuse and fails. Andy's ploy works.

At lunch, Maggie is asking Andy if he prefers his food too salty or too sweet. They run into Jon, who is eating his lunch at a table. Maggie flirts awkwardly with him. It turns out he's going to Jackie Greer's party, and when he mentions the producers will be there, Andy decides he will go, too.

Andy returns to Goran's trailer and brings him a gift card as a thank you for getting him a line (worth 15 quid). Goran doesn't remember promising to get Andy a line but he agrees to talk to Ben.

Stiller is directing another fighting scene and yells at a small child actor, scaring him.

At the bar for the birthday party, Maggie and Andy arrive. Jackie points out Martin (Jay Villiers), the producer and Andy makes a beeline for him, while Maggie spots Jon sitting with friends and greets him.

Andy stands next to Martin while he's talking to other people and tries to insinuate himself into the conversation. He ends up buying a bottle of champagne for the group. He BS's his way through a conversation with Martin about Japanese film.

Maggie interrupts Andy and pulls him out of his conversation with Martin. She tells him she's about to leave the party with Jon, and that's when Andy notices Jon. This is the first time they've seen Jon standing, and it turns out he has one leg shorter than another and wears a large prosthetic shoe. When Jon comes to take Maggie, she says she's changed her mind but won't admit it's the leg. She pretends she hasn't noticed it. Jon is offended and leaves.

Andy tries to return to the conversation, this time with Maggie, and this time he sticks his foot in his mouth talking about skin color.

On the outdoor set the next day, Goran is pleased to tell Andy he got him a part with a line. Andy thanks him but asks if he can have a bigger role with more lines. Andy presses him and Goran agrees to try.

Stiller appears tense, showing the actors how to use the weapons to cause the most damage. He seems to be making the actors nervous. Goran approaches and asks for a bigger role for Andy. Stiller is in a bad mood and tells Goran that Stiller is making the movie, not Goran. Goran mentions that the movie is about him and his dead wife. When Stiller says, "Would you stop going on about your f------ dead wife?" the set goes quiet as everyone is aghast.

Maggie steps up to Ben to defend Goran, and he dismissed her rudely. Andy then steps up to defend Maggie. After Stiller insults Andy, Andy insults him back by calling him "Starchy or Hutch, I can never remember." Stiller tries to be cool but ends up looking worse. Andy gets himself thrown off the set.


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