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Germany Invades the United States of America
Claudio Carvalho27 September 2009
Captain Archer is burned and captured by the German soldiers after destroying the Xindi weapon. Meanwhile the Enterprise's command discovers that they are on Earth in 1944, and Germany has invaded the United State of America; therefore they realize that history has changed. T'Pol sends Travis and Trip in the Shuttlepod One to investigate and they are fired by airplanes. While being transported to meet the evil red-eyed Vosk, the resistance attacks the convoy and Captain Archer is captured by the group. He is arrested and stays in Alicia Travers' house in Brooklyn. In the meantime, the time traveler Daniels totally aged visits the Enterprise and explains that the timeline had been changed and he sent the Enterprise to 1944 to try to fix; otherwise there is no future for the mankind.

"Storm Front: Part I" is an engaging episode of Enterprise. The story shows history upside-down, with the battlefield in the United States of America in the World War II with the resistance acting in New York. Let's see how Captain Archer, T'Pol and the crewmembers of the Enterprise will resolve this situation. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Tempestade Temporal" ("Temporal Storm")
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Alien Nazis!
Tweekums30 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One would have thought that after saving humanity from the Xindi at the end of season three the crew of the Enterprise might get some time to relax and get the ship repaired; no such luck however as the destruction of the weapon has sent them into the past. This isn't a past we'd recognise though; it is the middle of the second world war but the Germans have successfully invaded the eastern part of the United States with the help of a race of alien time travellers. The crew believe that Captain Archer was killed when the weapon exploded but in fact he is injured on Earth where once free from his Nazi captors he must find out why history as changed and contact the Enterprise.

After the long running Xindi story arc it was nice to see something different, and while using the Nazis as a plot device is somewhat cliché it is given a nice new twist by having them in North America. I liked the fact that the Enterprise is shown battered and bruised after all it has been through rather than being in perfect condition. The one thing I wasn't so keen on was the scene where one of the Enterprise's shuttles is intercepted by US fighters over San Francisco, it was a good idea but the special effects were a bit too obvious.
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World War II?!
MartinHafer13 April 2015
At the end of the season three finale, the Xindi super-weapon is destroyed and somehow Archer and the Enterprise (separately) are somehow shot back to WWII!!! And, when Archer awakens, he's in a Nazi mobile hospital!!! And, the shuttle approaching San Francisco is set upon by P-51 fighters!! Huh?!?!? Obviously this is one strange episode and it's so weird that you HOPE that this isn't a shadow of things to come. Fortunately, this and the following episode are the only Nazi ones and the reason all this occurs is interesting....though quite silly. The bottom line is that if you love "Star Trek: Enterprise", don't show your friends these two episodes--they'll think you're nuts. And, for fans, it IS enjoyably strange and very watchable.
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When Will They Rest?
Hitchcoc27 March 2017
After giving everything they had to get past the Xindi and destroy the weapon, how can they go on. The remaining crew thinks Archer is dead, but he is on earth, in the hands of an alien race that is in cahoots with the Nazi's who have invaded the West. Archer meets a black woman in Harlem who is friends with a bunch of gangster types. The talk to a man who gives them information about the clay faced aliens. These guys are going to mess up the time/space continuum. Trip and Travis take a shuttle to the surface and face the worst of the enemy. Meanwhile, Daniels shows up on board the Enterprise. He has been damaged by the travel he has done and lies dying in sick bay. I'm on a wait and see trip here.
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