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"Star Trek: Enterprise" In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2 (2005)"Enterprise" In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2 (original title)

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Author: Slip Führer from United States
29 August 2008

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I am up at an hour which I should be spending sleeping, as I have work in the morning. But I can't take my eyes off of this splendid twist on Enterprise. I love this series, though I have to say, this alternate universe two part episode is fantastic. Seeing Jonathan Archer as a power hungry, and equally driven character is something I was skeptical about, upon first reading the "info" on the episode before watching, but it plays beautifully. Likewise, the twist on the other characters, Most notably, Dr. Flocks, and Tucker, are played well. The ability to play both sides of the fence goes to show that these three actors do their job well. Travis, T'pol and Reid Aren't as memorable in their twisted states, though I am not so sure why. T'pol doesn't seem to have changed much other than her outfit, and displays a bit more emotion than one would expect from a Vulcan, Reid just seems to be a sinister little twerp that we don't care about, and Travis is basically the same...Following orders with nothing really too interesting going on about him to grab our attention. it was very nice to see the crew step aboard the Defiant and to see the insides of that old Star Trek style ship come to life again.


The ending was somewhat enexpected, as usually in Enterprise the good triumph over the bad, Archers demise was unexpected to me as well, and as for Hoshi...She makes a damn sexy Empress.

All in all I give these two episodes a ten out of ten. Grats.

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Archer is too ambitious!

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
3 September 2010

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As the second half of this two part story starts Enterprise has been destroyed and the Archer, T'Pol, Malcolm, Travis and Trip are aboard the USS Defiant, a ship from a hundred years in the future. After picking up the survivors from Enterprise they set about repairing the ship; this is made much more difficult when it becomes apparent that they don't have the ship to themselves, a creature known as the Gorn has killed one of the engineering crew and taken vital components. Once that problem has been solved the Defiant can join the battle against the Vulcan and Andorian rebels. Archer expects to be given official command of the Defiant but is just told that he will get his own command 'when a ship becomes available. Believing the admiral intends to steal the glory he kills him. He soon has even greater ambitions and sets course for Earth with plans to but himself on the throne. As he has had all non-humans apart from Dr. Phlox transferred off the Defiant T'Pol tries to persuade the doctor to destroy the ship, as she believes Archer's conquests won't stop with Earth. It is just a pity for Archer that he was so paranoid about his alien crewmembers that he wasn't so careful about the human ones.

Like the first part of the story this was a lot of fun; while not strictly necessary for the story it was nice to see the crew don the uniforms of the original Star Trek. There was plenty of great action including a fight between Archer and the Gorn that was reminiscent of a similar fight involving Captain Kirk and an impressive if short space battle. Hoshi in this universe is far more forward, it was great seeing Linda Park play sexy rather than quiet; and it was the highlight of the episode seeing her kill Archer and declare herself Empress at the end.

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best episodes of the series

Author: jedivideomike from United States
2 April 2014

please ignore the ignorant and stupid review that precedes this- i can tell you as a lifetime star trek fan- this is the BEST- the recreation of the Defiant is amazing, and all the actors portrayals of their mirror counterparts are dead on perfect. Any REAL trekker will love this- TRUST ME!!! I can only wish that Enterprise had not been cancelled, as this story line was ripe for continuation- Empress Hoshi has a nice ring to it, and seeing the next step in her takeover of the Terran Empire was an episode all unto itself. once again i say the previous review is pathetic, written by someone in love with being controversial for no reason other that to attract attention to them instead of the show- WATCH In a Mirror Darkly for yourself- don't let this dweeb steer you away from one of the finest moments of the series!!!

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Pointless Story

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1 May 2010

Archer activates the powerful Defiant and uses the ship to defeat the enemies of the Empire, including the internal ones in his crew. Then he heads to Earth with the intention to take over the power in a coup. However, there is a final and unexpected betrayal that affects the fate of Archer and the Empire.

"In a Mirror, Darkly: Part II" is the conclusion of a pointless story of a violent universe. I was expecting some sort of interaction between the universes but the plot is limited to the parallel universe in a forgettable episode. I hope the music score of these two episodes prevail and replace the annoying theme of this series. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Reflexo Sombrio 2" ("Dark Reflex 2")

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