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Interesting to say the least

Author: Bill-16 from Pennsylvania, United States
28 November 2012

Emergency! 905-Wild. Jack Webb wanted to show and praise some other public servants. The Animal Rescue squads with a TV Show of their own.

It wasn't to be, but the pilot appears to have been chopped up and turned into an Emergency! episode. I just saw it and many of the edits show up as what reminds me the way torn film splices from old movies looked.

Getting to see a very young Mark Harmon as one of the stars was really cool. The Emergency! regulars look a bit uncomfortable at times. Probably cause they didn't understand what was going on.

Jack Webb, R.A. Cinader and guys like that who wanted TV shows that really showed how some of our First Responders worked and even their domestic issues, was something I have always thought as valuable. Many mocked his Dragnet deliveries, but he really didn't want the actors to be the stars. Just wanted to show people 'The Facts, ma'am, just the facts'

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Author: slackersmom from United States Minor Outlying Islands
22 April 2013

This episode was very awkward. According to the other review, it might have been pieced together from a longer sequence, but it was awfully cheesy in a lot of respects. The premise would be interesting (wildlife personnel), but I don't think it would have been a good regular series (i.e., week-to-week).

{{Wow, they want these reviews to be at least 10 lines long!}}

Anyway, it's always interesting to watch shows featuring wild animals, as the filming is often choppy... the star of the show rarely being seen with the wild animal, it's usually just hands, or from the back, etc., and you know it's not the star. Like I said, I like the idea of a show like this, but I'm glad it didn't get made. Nowadays we can watch "Animal Cops" on Animal Planet.

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It's a Struggle

Author: laregna
13 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm binging my way through all of Emergency, as it was a favorite series of mine as a kid. I don't recall seeing this episode before...and I'm having a hard time taking it as seriously as the rest of the series. It feels unfinished, forced and a little desperate. Shooting an episode to highlight Animal Control is admirable, but I think they overshot the ship with plot and dialogue.

The staged shots of the little girl crying, worried looks of the dog catchers and views of Roy and Johnny staring into the distance are just a little too much to take. I actually feel sorry for the actors on this one.

Could a vet show have worked? I think so, but it needed more research and time dedicated to it, instead of chopping it into an episode of Emergency.

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Emergency - JUMPED the GOAT

Author: waltendawerl from USA
22 July 2014

Strange, weird a joke maybe. Glad I was working on the computer as this was playing on METV in our house. I think the show Emergency is great but this episode is...well...stupid for one. It is supposed to be a feel good show about saving a goat's life in human stead it feels pretty creepy. Emergency was a great show and this little loser doesn't matter so much. Mark Harmon as a dog catcher - Ha. He does look young. If there was ever a need to air a show like this I think it could have been done on some Saturday morning show. For adults to watch it is a test of patience and agonizing to the eyes and ears. I think they were trying to launch a TV show about Animal Control. It didn't work.

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Historically fascinating, but not much else

Author: spirit11 from Memphis, TN
6 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not much for reviews--I'm too busy watching to do much more than enter a rating--yet this episode is so unusual in the series, I can't help myself.

As other reviewers have said, it appears that this episode was intended as either A) a spin-off to a new series or B) a failed pilot that was re-cut with a few new scenes added and forced into an episode of Emergency! Either way, the result is less than stellar. The doctor's and paramedics of Emergency! wind up having only cameos in their own show. Toward the end of the episode, it appears the paramedics are kept around only for comic relief!

The first hint of something odd, at least on the playback I watched on Net**ix, is that after the standard opening credits for Emergency!, another theme song begins playing--one entirely different from the standard one--and a new set of credits roll.

Next is the lack of any "runs" coming in for Station 51. We never see the guys at the station, we never hear the standard alarms coming in, none of that. Instead, we follow the Animal Control characters. We don't even see a B-roll shot of Squad 51 at any time during the episode, only the Animal Control vehicle.

Most of the actors do a fair job with their parts, however the primary story-line involves a pet goat, and the little girl to whom the goat belongs...oh my, her delivery is poor. And the attempts to add tension simply don't work as well as the producers would have liked, I'm sure. We all know the goat is going to live, after all--this was the 70's, and an unhappy ending was not allowed! And I had to laugh when, after the entire surgical team performs open heart surgery on this little goat, the camera immediately cuts back to the goat waking up on the surgical table and practically jumping off. THAT was a quick recovery!

The one item that all the previous reviewers have mentioned is the appearance of a young Mark Harmon as one of the officers. To see him early in his career is interesting.

Two other things that fascinated me about the show. Early on, Harmon and his partner, "Officer Les," have to tranquilize a tiger. During the attempts to get a clear shot the tranquilizer gun passes from Les to Harmon's character, because only Harmon is where the tiger is. However, as soon as Officer Les shows back up, Harmon immediately hands him the gun, even though he appeared to be ready to shoot just a moment before. It was apparent that this was written in to emphasize which of the officers was the senior officer. Why did this fascinate me? Officer Les is played by a black actor, Albert Popwell. It was obvious that the producers intended to emphasize his character's seniority in the episode (and possible series), over Harmon's white officer, and in 1975 Hollywood, it is interesting to see how they did so in this case. It is just fascinating to get a glimpse of Hollywood reflecting the ongoing social change of that time.

The second item that also fascinates me also revolves around Popwell. While he appears to be just a couple of years older than Harmon, and significantly younger than actor David Huddleston, who plays the vet at the animal shelter, it is exactly the opposite. Popwell was in GREAT shape, and obviously took care of himself, as he was 25 years older than Harmon, and 4 years older than Huddleston. I would have never guessed that he was already 50 when the episode was shot--he looked to be in his late 20's at most--and Huddleston, who was only 45, looked to be in his mid-60s.

If you watch this episode, I believe you will end up focusing more on the format and divergence from the regular Emergency! story lines than on the story itself. In other words, the episode has more to offer from a historical aspect than for being great TV.

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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Author: Reedmalloy from Flyover country, United States
19 September 2015

It's not good form to comment on other reviewers but I make a brief exception here. It's one thing to dislike something for articulable reasons, but quite another to characterize it as 'creepy' (one of the most egregious but casually tossed around deprecations made these days) without stating why. For me it says more about the commentator than the target.

Not to mention that reducing Harmon's role as a 'dog catcher' illustrated the point of the episode! That said, this episode was formulaic, predictable and looked very much like a pilot for a spin-off. Nevertheless I found it fun and informative. Though I love them, Jack Webb's public service shows tend to be clunky in dialog but this one was better than usual. It was corny, but when the injured firefighter at Rampart gave up his place in line, so to speak, for treatment of the goat, I gave him my applause.

If nothing else, watch this one for the by-play between all the ER professionals, Brackett and Dixie in particular. David Huddleston makes a great case for DVMs as well, and humanizes Brackett in the process.

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From a Son of a Animal Control officer

Author: RichN36 from Harrison, Michigan
19 June 2015

OK this might not have been the best of the best Emergency episodes ever made but knowing what Animal Control officers go through on their day to day work load this was close to some of the adventures my Dad had gone through working in the City. Of course he never met a Tiger or Lion other then those who played on the Detroit Home Teams. But other then that he did come across some interesting events where they had to rescue Cat's and Other animals in house Attic's and other wild animal you might be surprised to find in a Big City.

I liked seeing a Very Young Mark Harmon in only his third TV appearance I'm surprised that the writers of NCIS haven't made a In-Joke about the team going after a Tiger or other Animal would be a Wink at the followers of Mark Harmon saying see where he got his start?

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