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A Jaridian probe crashes into earth and disrupts the Commonality by draining the energy linking the Taelons to each other. The Taelons use this opportunity to round up suspected terrorist at the Flat Planet to use their lifeforce energy to supplement the drain on the Commonality. Augur, Maiya and several others are placed in an induced coma near death in order to drain their energy. In this state they are presented with a dream like state of their own version of a perfect world or heaven. They are all slowly dying and once their energy is used up by the Commonality they will die and the Taelons will round up more humans to drain. Lili is working with Sandoval to find the cause of the drain on the Commonality to save the people in the coma. Liam attempts to enter their dreams by inducing the same process on himself at the resistance HQ. He finds Maiya on the happiest day of her life, being married to her husband Jason. He tries to convince her that this is not real, but the people in her dream protect her and force Liam out of her dream. Next he goes into Augur's dream to find Augur talking to his father whom Augur never felt he lived up to his expectations. Augur also rejects Liam's version of things, but Liam soon faces his own temptation. Liam's father Ha'gel appears and tries to convince Liam to shed his corporeal existence for the knowledge of the universe. Liam is very tempted and wants leaves with Ha'gel, but Augur and Maiya return to leave with him back into the real world. Liam shows them the exit and they are able to leave and wake everyone up before they die. At the same time Lili and Sandoval destroy the probe. Liam dies briefly, but miraculously comes back to life when Lili returns and accuses Doors of murdering Liam.
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