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All He Did Was Win
ccthemovieman-129 March 2010
Boy, if there ever was a guy who deserved a lot of respect but got little, it's Doug Flutie. Big-time colleges didn't want him, except for Boston College and the NFL didn't want him. Then when he did get his chance, all he did was win and teams still gave him the shaft. I know, I live in Western New York and saw the screwing the Bills gave this guy. The Bears and the Pats did, too. How can you "dis" a guy that does nothing but win? It's ludicrous.

This episode really doesn't answer that question except for a couple of comments by a sportswriter or two that said Flutie was arrogant and not liked by everyone. Well, that's hardly unusual for a pro athlete but - as you can see by the footage on this SportsCentury - you'd think teams would be happy to have this guy as their QB since he won so frequently. In Canada, he was a superstar and he was a star in the States, too.

Where he and his wife really shine, as seen in this program, is raising money for autism. They got very involved after their son Dougie was diagnosed with it and the Fluties have been very charitable. Most of this program was complimentary toward Doug and his entire family, parents and siblings. Overall, it's a nice portrait of a little guy showing the big guys how to win. I know I wish we had him back with the Bills!
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