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Forgive and Forget (#10.16)
ComedyFan201017 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
An exciting episode. Mainly because of the crazy guy who stole a tank to come back and kill Morris as he promised. It was pretty fun, mainly because of Morris's reactions. When he told others what the guy said before he left the hospital. Believing Abby saying that there will be a helicopter with a big magnet and them all observing it. Then it also got exciting as the guy was shot and brought in where Morris as well had to work on saving his life.

Frank's story was also great. I wonder if they did it because the viewers started to dislike Frank. He kept on making some pretty bigoted comments and unlike Romano who was also a bigot wasn't as funny. But this story with his heart attack gave him lots of humanity. When we see the kid he adopted we see him as a man with a heart. And it was also sweet to hear how he always has stories about his work and thought highly of Neela. Frank is now a better man in my eyes and in many viewer's I am sure.

Well, I have an issue when people say they want casual relationship and then get mad if the person who they told it to follows it. So I see no reason for Sam to be mad at Luka. I didn't like Gillian, but in this story she is the only one I felt bad for. At least Sam didn't keep on being nasty to Luka about it.
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Sam gets on my last nerve!
Ariadne Bene12 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
How in everything good and holy in this world is Sam gonna demand that she and Luka be casual but then the next day or a few days later have a problem with it when he respects her wishes?! While I have a feeling she only said it because her son found out about them before she wanted to tell him herself, it doesn't matter why she said it. It's the fact that SHE STILL SAID IT that's the problem! She can't have it both ways. Either she wants casual or she doesn't. And she definitely can't get mad when the person she said it to respects her for the choice SHE made!
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