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ER Confidential (#1.9)
ComedyFan20105 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It would have been one of my favorite episodes and I would rate it about 9 if it wasn't for that awful animal rights activist story. I don't appreciate making fun of suffering of the animals. As well as those disgusting ways to portray animal rights people in a bad way, as criminals, somebody who really enjoyed killing a bird and is even eating that turkey secretly. Just shows one that somebody on the writing team really hates animals and is against animal rights.

The story about the transsexual on the other hand was wonderful. Very moving. The fact that she ended up committing suicide because she couldn't pass for a woman anymore was a great way to make the story stronger and gave a great opportunity to see Carter dealing with it. He didn't seem to be comfortable with that issue and now was overcome by guilt. Wish I got to see him going with Dr. Benton on Thanksgiving.

The story about the young man confessing to Carol it was him driving the car that killed his friend and pedestrian was pretty good too. A good dilemma that makes one think about what would be the right thing to do.

A great ending too Dr. Cvetic is really not handling it very well anymore. John Terry did some great acting in this episode.
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