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Drive (#10.22)
ComedyFan201019 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A great season ending. The story about the woman being crushed by a drunk driver was very intense with a horrific scene in the beginning. And while her legs have to be amputated it is amazing that she has such a loving husband who told her the horrible news and yet encouraged that she will be alright.

Abby passed and will be a doctor. I must say I am very happy for her. She also had a heartwarming story in this episode with an old math teacher dying of cancer and feeling like he wasted his life. So she gets all the students of his she can to come over. Lovely.

Now we have quiet a few cliffhangers. One is the decision of who keeps Weaver's son. It feels like she doesn't have a chance with a conservative judge but who knows.

Sam is running away with her kids again. Now I am not sure they tried hard enough to show the father as such a horrible person. Oh no, he smokes pot. It is not 1950, I have trouble seeing him because of it as incompetent especially since he has no trouble working and finding jobs.

And the most crazy thing the answer for which the viewers are waiting is what happens on the ride with that crazy driver who is shooting at the car with Pratt, Chen and a patient in it.
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