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Josh (Josh Peck) is moving in to Drake's room. After finding a school newspaper, Drake (Drake Bell) teases Josh for reading it and criticizes various features of the paper, especially the advice columnist "Miss Nancy". Josh defends the paper and Drake goes to play basketball. After talking to their parents downstairs, Drake returns to their room to invite Josh to play ball with him. When he walks into their room he finds Josh dressed up as a woman. After much screaming and panicking. Drake learns that Josh is the writer of "Miss Nancy" and he thinks he needs to wear a dress and wig to give good advice. Drake looks through the mail written to Miss Nancy and finds a letter written by a girl who is complaining her boyfriend is not romantic enough. He recognizes the writing style and scented paper as that of Tiffany, a girl he has a crush on. Drake then threatens to expose Josh's secret if he doesn't let him use the information in the letter to get a date with Tiffany. Josh thinks this is evil, but allows him to do it because he has to protect the identity of Miss Nancy. Drake sees Tiffany (Julie Gonzalo) at school and gets a date with her by pretending to write poetry and offering to cook her dinner. Drake makes Josh cook the dinner because he can't actually cook and again manipulates him by threatening to tell his secret. During the date, Josh comes out of the kitchen to use the bathroom, by way of the front door to avoid suspicion, and Drake goes into the kitchen to get dessert. While Tiffany, obviously smitten, is telling Josh how sensitive and romantic Drake is, Tiffany's boyfriend, Buck (Joey Mendicino) arrives and assumes Tiffany is having dinner with Josh. Buck is a big football player and is angry to find Tiffany with another guy so he threatens Josh and wants to fight him at school on Monday. Drake misses the whole scene, of course. Josh knows he doesn't stand a chance in a fight so Drake takes him to a Karate school. They ask the teacher (Toshi Toda) to give Josh a crash course in karate and he laughs. After giving them a short lecture about the mentality of karate and that karate is an art that takes a lifetime to master, the teacher takes the $30 cash offered by the boys and agrees to give Josh lessons. Josh eventually learns some basic moves and is fairly confident about the fight. At school, Buck knocks him out immediately. Tiffany finds her boyfriend's actions romantic and returns to him. Back in their room, Drake hides Josh's Nancy costume and forces him to give advice without it to prove that he doesn't need the dress to give good advice. Throughout the episode, Josh tries to hug Drake as a gesture of thanks or happiness. Drake states repeatedly that he is not comfortable with the hugging. At the end of the episode, they apologize to each other and Josh asks "Friends?" and offers his hand to shake. Drake shakes his head with disgust and says "Friends? Nah...(as Josh is hanging his head in sadness & disappointment)... We're Brothers!" Josh is dancing with excitement as he asks "May I?" and Drake replies with "Hug Me, Brother!"


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