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Lucard is concerned about the upsurge in substandard zombies and about finding the vampire causing them. Meanwhile, Max has found Librairie Clees-Meunier, a fantastic bookstore full of books about vampires and werewolves. Bookseller Lawrence Lei (Jack Blum) knows things about vampires that even Max doesn't know, e.g., a vampire can be sealed in a coffin by hammering it shut with a silver nail, so Max invites his new friend home to meet Uncle Gustav, and Max spills the beans that Alexander Lucard is a vampire. When Lawrence shows up at Lucard's castle begging Lucard to make him into a vampire because his friend Alfred won't do it, Lucard suspects that Alfred might be the rogue and heads to the bookstore to check him out. In the meantime, when Helsing's hot and steamy schnitzel arrives 12 hours late and the zombielike delivery boy (Phil Bedard) is destroyed by the Cross of the Magyars, he also begins to suspect a rogue vampire and sets out to get a list of schnitzel deliveries made in the past few days. When their uncle doesn't return home, Max goes to the bookstore for help. What he discovers is that Alfred is an inflatable vampire doll, and it is really Lawrence who is the vampire. Just as Lawrence is about to sink his teeth into Max's neck, Lucard intervenes, saves Max, and takes Lawrence back to the castle. Lucard finds Lawrence/Alfred's split personality so intriguing that he seals his coffin with a silver nail so as to keep him for future study.


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